Affinity partners

In addition to providing management consultants with innovative career resources and professional development opportunities, CMC-Canada is committed to building membership value through unique partnership opportunities.

The information below provide details of services we have developed or negotiated with third parties on members’ behalf. These services leverage the strength of CMC-Canada, and enable us to pool collective resources to better serve our individual members.




PROLINK - Home and Auto Insurance
 - Key contact info: 416-595-7484 | 1-800-663-6828 or

*Please note that as of September 1, 2016, the CMC-Canada Member Home and Auto Insurance Program has moved from TD Meloche Monnex to PROLINK Insurance. 

CMC-Canada wants to offer a Home and Auto insurance program that is as diverse as its membership. PROLINK is an insurance broker focused on managing member insurance programs for professional associations. PROLINK offers members access to different leading Canadian insurers at lower prices than the general marketplace. Our firm understands that member needs are unique and you deserve custom solutions through your CMC-Canada member benefit programs. 

Members with a TD insurance policy renewing after September 1 will no longer receive the CMC-Canada discount on their TD policy. PROLINK will provide you with competitive rates and coverage, plus a CMC-Canada discount on your home and auto insurance policies. Please call PROLINK after you receive your TD insurance policy renewal information to learn the new options available. 

To request a no-obligation comparison quote any time, simply call PROLINK toll free at 1-800-663-6828 and ask for a member of the CMC-Canada Personal Insurance Team; or, write to  Click here for more information. 





Professional and General Liability Insurance - Key contact info:
416-595-7484 | 1-800-663-6828 or

CMC-Canada's exclusive Group Professional Liability program is a low cost solution for Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage, providing the safety net you need:

  • Policy cost for management consultant without CMC-Canada membership: $X premium
  • Policy cost for basic CMC-Canada member: 80% of $X premium
  • Policy cost for CMC/FCMC designate: 65% of $X

To learn more about the importance of liability insurance, click here.  





Wise Riddell
Insurance, Benefits, and Savings 

Wise Riddell Financial Group has been a leader in providing insurance and investment solutions to professionals and business owners for over 30 years. As an independent firm, we have access to all life companies across the country as well as an investment selection that includes over 5,000 mutual funds, private wealth counselors as well as individual stocks and bonds.

Our goal is to provide CMC-Canada members with an exclusive line-up of insurance and investment products with discounts as high as 50%. Also, we have established a network of professionals across the country to service your needs. Visit to learn more.