Strategic Direction

Part of CMC-Canada's national strategy is to assertively lobby the federal government to recognize the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation as a desired qualification in bidding on consulting opportunities. CMC-Canada provides its members with information on changes to legislation and other government initiatives as they occur. Also, CMC-Canada is frequently asked to provide feedback to Canadian government committees on issues related to both procurement of professional services, and the management consulting profession. CMC-Canada is represented through its members on an International Project Committee currently preparing an ISO standard for ‘Organizations providing Management Consultancy services.’


Governments rely on professional services and must procure them in ways that reflect administrative transparency, oversight, and accountability. The CMC designation indicates a management consultant's commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. Government procurement professionals can reduce risks by including the CMC designation as a mandatory credential in any relevant Request for Proposal, thus delivering added value for taxpayer dollars.

Advocacy Resources

Find information, tools, and help to complete the steps associated with doing business with the Government of Canada.

The Hill Times Online: The Hill Times is an independently-owned newsweekly based in Ottawa. It's an influential must-read for the savvy, political and government insider.

Recent Initiatives

National Advocacy Committee (NAC)

The NAC has taken an active role in defining and driving its agenda to promote the CMC designation through a ‘position paper approach’ to advocacy. This approach involves creating clear and concise policy statements, with recommendations that are approved by the regional and national bodies. This then gives a powerful voice for Institutes to approach their target audiences with clear and consistent positions. The first two topics are: the Value of the CMC/Code of Ethics and Procurement Practices -- to be released in 2015.

Federal Advocacy Committee (FAC)

The FAC aims to influence procurement policies and practices, raise the profile of CMC members, and build their credibility within the federal government market (experience and expertise of the CMC designation). In the past year, members of this committee attended various federal government supplier and vendor committee and working group meetings, representing members of CMC-Canada.

Ontario Advocacy Committee (OAC)

The OAC continued its consultation, relationship, and messaging work. They are pleased to report the Ontario Government, at their suggestion, simplified its Management Consulting Vendor of Record (VOR) qualification process. Vendors of Record for the past period (3 year term) were able to re-qualify for the next term through attestation rather than by submitting project profiles for evaluation.  This greatly simplified the VOR evaluation process for the government and our members. One member indicated it saved his firm hundred’s of hours.