University of Toronto,
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

CMC‑Canada is proud to partner with the
University of Toronto,
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto offers a variety of leadership courses offered within the Master of Engineering Emphasis in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and Technology in Engineering (ELITE).
Emphasis for Master of Engineering (MEng) Students
Engineering practice today demands a breadth of skills: not only technical, but also an understanding of leadership, finance and business, management, entrepreneurship and innovation. Engineers often appreciate the importance of such skills only after they join the workforce.
The Emphasis in ELITE offers University of Toronto MEng students a broad range of courses in these topics. The first of its kind in Canada, the ELITE Emphasis is targeted at engineers seeking to develop a more well-rounded skill set.
Note that the CMC designation requires completing other course(s) offered by CMC-Canada, as well as some practical work experience.
Please contact CMC-Canada for more information about earning the CMC designation.

Meet the CMC Educational Requirements with the following
University of Toronto Courses

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  • Essentials of Management Consulting
    • APS1049: Management Consulting for Engineers
  • Project Management
Personal/Interpersonal Skills
    • APS1013: Applying Innovation in Engineering

Benefits for Our Academic Institution partners

  • Relevance: Connection and direct linkage to a profession that is top of mind for students looking to make a career in management consulting.
  • Program integration: A sufficiently integrated generalist process that makes it possible for business academic programs to bring together all business disciplines.
  • Exposure to industry experience: A relationship with the profession through CMC-Canada is augmented by industry participation in academic programs – program advisors, student mentoring, in-class instruction, guest lecturers, capstone/consulting project support etc.
  • Worldwide Profile: The CMC designation is the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in over 40 countries.

Benefits for Student Members

  • Connect: Access to the CMC-Canada community, potential career mentors, speakers, judges, and career mentors.
  • Peers: Access to an online university community.
  • Resources: Immediate access to the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) available online for student members.
  • Membership: FREE Student membership with full access to benefits and membership pricing to attend professional development events where applicable, job postings, and networking events.
  • Designation: All or partial fulfillment of the educational requirements to earn the CMC designation.