Planning to talk to strangers

Join us on Sept 2nd (4 to 6 pm MST ) for an exciting Zoom Presentation by Chad Banman, President - Sandler Training by Ayon Sales & Consulting Services Inc. 

Many consultants ride the roller coaster of revenue, one minute their starving hoping a new customer will come their way the next minute they have more work than they can handle. The stress of riding that roller coaster can take a toll and while they are experts in their area they often struggle with the concept of how to sell themselves or are uncomfortable doing so as the last thing they want to be is a “used car sales person.”   While aggressively waiting for the phone to ring may have been a strategy that worked in the past it is less likely to work in todays economic reality. 

The first part of the session will be focused on creating a prospecting plan that encompasses multiple ways of reaching out to people we have never done business with.  Once we have a plan the next part is discussing how do we get into a conversation with people in a way that leads to deeper conversations and sets us apart from all the other consultants that they may have run into.

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