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New Member Membership Costs (per year):

Canadian Residents only (for International interest, please click here)

Associate Membership - $275
Student Membership - $25 

Membership is available to Canadian residents who:

  • Practise as a management consultant or have an interest in advancing the profession of management consulting.
  • Acknowledge and agree to abide by the Uniform Code of Professional Conduct.

Note: Membership fees are based on a calendar year and are prorated depending on the month you join (Except for Student Memberships).

Additional Information (Saskatchewan & Quebec)

  • Prospective members from Saskatchewan: The Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Saskatchewan requires that candidate and sponsors' signatures are included with the application. Your application may be submitted online, but you must also either:
  • Mail printed copy, with your signature and that of both sponsors to: CMC-Canada, 2 St. Clair Avenue West, 18th Floor. Toronto, ON. M4V 1L5. Fax the application with all signatures affixed to: 1-800-662-2972. Or Email the application with all signatures affixed to:
  • Note: Quebec - Residents of Quebec must apply directly to the L'Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Quebec. Visit for details.

Want more information on how to earn the CMC designation? Click here

Membership FAQs

Why should I join CMC-Canada?

If you're in the business of management consulting, membership in CMC-Canada is an investment in your career. Your membership will provide you with exceptional value in terms of your personal development, your professional practice and your financial security.

And if you’re not a management consultant, but offer other professional advisory services to corporate clients – accounting or IT, for example – the methodologies that form the core of the management consulting profession can provide you with the structure to more effectively diagnose your client’s problems, and provide solutions. Through a variety of professional development and networking opportunities, CMC-Canada provides ample opportunity to share best business practices with your colleagues in the management consulting profession, and other advisory services.

Through our online database, you will have access to potential clients interested in retaining a management consultant. They can search for assistance by area of expertise to find the best fit for their project. You will have access to a unique range of products and services that we have secured on your behalf, typically at discounted rates. And most importantly, you will have access to the CMC designation program, the only internationally recognized certification program for management consultants. Learn more by visiting our member benefits page.

Must I have the CMC designation to be a member?

No, whether you have the designation or are currently pursuing or are interested in pursuing the designation, or simply wanting to hone your advisory skills, we welcome you to our Association.

What types of companies or firms currently belong to CMC-Canada?

Members of CMC-Canada are individuals who come from a wide range of companies: sole proprietors; consultants from small-medium enterprises, as well as those from large firms.

In what business are typical members involved?

Again, our membership base covers a wide range of service areas, serving clients in many different industries. The most common service areas are: strategic and business planning, organizational development, project management, feasibility studies, and general management and information technology/e-business management. Our members consult to almost every industry imaginable including government, banking and financial services, health care, manufacturing, professional services, small/family business, and technology.

How can I be a member when I don't have three years consulting experience?

There is no minimum experience requirement for CMC-Canada membership. Three years management consultancy experience is needed to complete your CMC designation, which can be gained while pursuing other components of the CMC designation program.

How much are the membership fees?

Annual membership fees are $275 per year for non-CMCs and $625 per year for CMCs. Fees are prorated so you should check the fee schedule to determine the amount of fees you are required to submit with your application for membership in any specific month.

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