8 Proven Ways to Grow your Revenue Today

By Michael Watson posted 09-24-2019 14:00



We know that if we're not changing and adapting we can be left behind. The constant pressure of growth is a heavy burden to carry. That’s why it’s often a topic of conversation when we are working with business leaders. 

My colleagues and I have all wrestled with this challenge as CEO’s, Board Members and Consultants so we are happy to share a few quick thoughts which are not rocket science but are easy and generate results.

1.  Past Proposals – reach out to every client who you have presented a proposal to but you have not yet completed the work. Perhaps, the client wanted to do the work but the timing was wrong. Today, the timing may be right but you won’t know if you don’t ask. 

2. Past Clients – reaching out and touching base with past clients is easy and something I find enjoyable as I’ve really came to care about my clients and their team when we were working together. I love to hear updates. Speaking to them gives me an opportunity to find out how they are going and even explore if they need my involvement once again.

3. Past Colleagues – you never know where people may land and if you worked well as colleagues and team members in the past, then maybe they would like to continue that relationship and seek out your help again. Stay in touch! It is always good to be a friend if nothing else. 

4. “I’m available” – let people know if you have spare capacity. We often let people know when we are busy and fully booked and you need to put them on the waiting list – so why not let them know when you have capacity as well. It should not be a negative thing in anyone’s eyes. After all, if you do good work they will want your service. “WestMarv is taking on new clients and engagements, we are having many new conversations with prospect clients at the moment exploring if we can help them be successful.”

5. Review your lists – Run your eye over your contact list.  Look through Outlook contacts, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.  If any names come to mind action it.

6. Target Companies – think about which companies you’d like to work for and find a friend who works there, have a chat, read the past news reports about them, find a contact on LinedIn and make a new friend. 

7. Review your marketing approach – should be a constant thing.  We always want to know what’s  working, trying new things and adapting

8. Don’t stop. Keep going.  Keep going.  Keep going. 

The pressure of growing our business is a constant but it should not be an uncomfortable burden, growing our business is what we do when we are doing what we want to do well. 

Keep taking care of people and challenging yourself. Which of the above points will you action today? 


About the Author – Mike Watson

Mike Watson MBS FCMC addresses the challenges leaders wrestle with every day including people, profitable growth, complexity overload and effecting change.

Mike has had an extensive career working with energy, construction, technology and service businesses across North America and Australia leading business model change, merger integration, benefits realization, CEO peer forums and enterprise wide change programs. He is a Fellow Certified Management Consultant, experienced Director and Executive Leader, and Past Chair of CMC-Canada's National Board of Directors. 

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