Essentials of Management Consulting

(Required for the Entry stream)

Course Cost: $1,485/members, $1,875/non-members

Dynamic and interactive, the Essentials of Management Consulting (EMC) course is valuable to management consultants wanting to deliver superior value to their clients, to anyone who is considering becoming a management consultant, to those looking to fine-tune or supplement their management consulting toolkit and skills, and to any member who is pursuing the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. 

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The Essentials of Management Consulting focuses on three core consulting competencies:
  • Helping clients assess their current situation, including the business challenges and opportunities they can address to improve upon the present.
  • Helping clients develop strategies for growth and development.
  • Helping clients address change management processes while implementing recommendations.
To develop your strengths in these areas, the course covers:
  • The five stages of the consulting process and the deliverables associated with each stage.
  • Introduction to consulting tools and techniques used during the various stages of the consulting process especially in Diagnosis and Action Planning.
  • The importance of considering all six functional areas of organization management (Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Finance, Operations, Information Technology, and Marketing) during a consulting assignment.
  • Teamwork using Tuckman's forming, storming, norming, performing (and adjourning) model, including teambuilding tools and techniques and opportunities for both co-located and virtual teamwork activities.
  • Client Communications, including simulated milestone presentations and meetings with a client and key written reports associated with the consulting process.
  • Change Management, including tools and techniques related to assessing change readiness and understanding absorptive capacity.

The Essentials of Management Consulting is offered both online and in-class. The online version is three months in length, and you will spend 1-2 hours each week in instructor-led sessions or in team meetings. The classroom-based version consists of three days of classroom-based sessions, and a half-day online preparatory overview. If you are new to the management consulting profession, you might consider taking the online course as additional time is spent on the case study. 

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"The technical platform for the course was excellent - I really felt that we bonded as a team and worked well together; the technology did not get in the way of that at all. Kudos. Lastly, I had a great team experience, very diverse in terms of expertise and all hard workers. Thanks."
- Caroline Dickens, Export Development Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

We Use A Blended Learning Approach

Using a blended learning approach allows us to use a variety of media to optimize your learning. The course consists of six live sessions with the course facilitator, and regular virtual contact and assignments with a team.

We Use a Case Study

Simulation is the most effective way to expose you to the dynamics of the client as well as many other aspects of the management consulting process. So we have organized the course around a case study, in which you and your team actually conduct a client consulting assignment, complete with deliverables and deadlines that are real. We extend the case study concept by providing some simulated interaction with the client in each phase of the consulting process.

We Do Team-Based Learning

Management Consulting is a fast-growing competitive sector at the forefront of the multi-billion dollar knowledge-based services industry. Consultants are increasingly required to work with global consulting teams and to use technology as a major tool to complete assignments. The Essentials course helps you fine-tune your collaborative skills while you acquire the knowledge and techniques needed to deliver superior value to clients.

You will be assigned to a team that works together using virtual meetings and email to complete the consulting assignment. You will have the opportunity to interact with other consultants, some of whom may consult in different areas of specialization from yours and/or have more or less consulting experience than you.

You will be evaluated as a team on the case study deliverables. In addition to contributing to the deliverables, each participant will be expected to achieve 70% or greater on an individual final quiz, complete a 360 degree team feedback and a final course evaluation in order to complete the program.

Warning this course is hard work!

This course represents a significant commitment to learning equivalent to a second year graduate MBA course in depth and amount of material covered. Successful participants have reported a minimum effort of 5-9 hours per week on reading and applying themselves to work on deliverables in addition to weekly team meetings and the instructor course sessions.

Aside from individual effort, the course revolves around application of learnings almost exclusively through teamwork. As a team you will work through the five stages of the consulting process working on a simulated assignment which requires a series of significant consulting deliverables. Your ability to work participatively and constructively in a team with an unfamiliar group of other consultants (who will all have their own ideas on how to complete the tasks in front of you) will be a large determinant of your learning success and enjoyment of this program.

If you are prepared to work hard, you will succeed and be rewarded. Past participants have confirmed the old adage: "You get out of something what you put in to it."

What Are the Pre-requisites for the EMC?

You must have access to and working knowledge of standard Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and the Internet.

We use Cisco WebEx Business Suite 27 (WBS27) for the online meetings. WebEx supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX Operating Systems. For a complete list of system requirements for your Operating System, please visit the following website: 

In order to participate fully in the WebEx online meetings, you will need a computer headset with a boom microphone to be able to both hear and talk, just as conveniently as you would in a regular class. If you do not already own one, you can purchase one from most computer stores for about $25. Get it prior to your first class!

Course Text and Support Materials

Electronic materials/handouts (provided by the course facilitator) are included in the course fee. There may be an additional cost for optional supplemental materials. 

In addition, you will be using many of the techniques in the Diagnosis and Action Planning Phases that are outlined in Memory Jogger II. If you don't already own this very handy pocket guide, it is available in Canada from Books for Business at 1 (800) 668-9372, from, and from the publisher,

Note that the six two-hour instructor-led sessions are held during the day, generally first thing in the morning or over the lunch hour, depending on your time zone. In addition, weekly internet-enabled meetings (approximately 90 minutes long) will be scheduled for your team at times convenient to your team, usually outside of regular business hours.


A solid introduction to the world of management consulting. It doesn't replace work experience, but certainly provides a structured approach with a wealth of tools and context to help navigate the day-to-day challenges of the profession.” - Stephen Rogers, MNP, Edmonton, Alberta

"Engaging and informative, and I think well-situated in the 'real world' of consulting. I encourage others to take the course, even if they think they already know everything about how to be a good consultant."

- Kelsey Nutland, Interis Consulting, Ottawa, Ontario

Introducing a new series of modular workshops through which you can develop your professional consulting skills and move ahead on your journey to obtain the CMC designation. This three and a half day classroom-based program provides management consultants with another option to enroll in this dynamic and hands on course. 

    What Does the Course Cover?

    This course sets out the fundamental methodologies, tools, techniques, and standards for the profession in Canada. The workshops cover core aspects of the competency requirements for CMC candidates.

    Online Self-Study: The Basics of Consulting

    This introductory module is a self paced series of online instructional videos. Completion of this module will provide participants with an understanding of the consulting business; linkage between professionalism and the CMC Code of Conduct; commercial aspects of consulting including markets, risk management, fees and pricing; an overview of the tools and the process of consulting and the technical skills of a management consultant, and key success factors. This module closes with a summary of the requirements for completion of a CMC designation.

    Participants must have a computer with sound and Internet access to complete this module. 

    The Tools and Methodologies of Management Consulting

    The in-class workshop provides participants with an overview of the tools that a management consultant requires, in order to perform their work for clients. These include data collection, analysis, evaluation and decision-making; effective communications, meetings and team work; and change management tools. In addition the importance of applying one's intuition and experience is discussed. Practical case-based examples are used to illustrate the practical applications of the various tools. This provides a preparation for the second theme covered: the management consulting process.

    The workshop provides participants with a complete understanding of the Kubr© model of Entry, Diagnosis, Action Planning, Implementation, and Termination widely used as a basis for managing consulting assignments. It shows how consultants can apply a selection of tools and skills as they move through each stage of the process. A case-based approach is used to show how the process is applied in practical real life situations. This framework provides a basis for sound management of consulting interventions and aligns with a number of other approaches such as effective project management.

    Who Teaches the Course?

    Looking for an Essentials Facilitator in your area? Do you represent an organization looking for group training? See the list of Registered Facilitators below. Click on a name to locate contact information. Placement in this directory confirms a member's good standing as a Registered Facilitator.

    Course Instructors
     Institute City Name  Designation Title Company
    CMC-Alberta Calgary Sheila Carruthers CMC   CSR Strategies Inc.
    CMC-Alberta Lethbridge Shilpa Stocker FCMC President Westwinds Management Solutions Inc.
    CMC-Atlantic Canada Halifax Kevin Schwenker FCMC Principal Schwenker & Associates
    CMC-British Columbia Vancouver Gerard Edwards CMC Vice President Incisive Marketing Inc.
    CMC-Ontario GTA Heather Cartwright CMC President Logixsource Consulting Ltd.
    CMC-Ontario GTA Jim Chester  CMC

    Vice President & General Manager

    Devpar Financial Consulting Ltd.
    CMC-Ontario GTA Pat Connolly CMC Senior Manager, Finance Bank of Montreal
    CMC-Ontario GTA Jim Love FCMC Managing Partner Performance Advantage
    CMC-Ontario GTA Nick Shepherd FCMC President Eduvision Inc.
    CMC-Ontario GTA Bob White CMC President B.R.I. International Inc.
    CMC-Ontario Ottawa Ron Brophy CMC Managing Partner The Northbridge Group Inc.
    CMC-Ontario Ottawa Murray Kronick FCMC Principal Interis Consulting Inc.
    CMC-Ontario  Ottawa Peter Milsom FCMC Managing Partner Aegian Consulting Services Corporation
    CMC-Québec Brossard (Québec) Jean-Daniel Brisson CMC Premier Directeur Principal  Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
    CMC-Québec Montréal Jacques Cusson FCMC Vice président, Solutions en gestion de projets SIRIUS Conseils
    CMC-Québec Montréal Pierre Lainey CMC Maitre d'enseignement HEC Montréal


    Additional Notes

    Please note that course payment is due upon registration. Substitutions are accepted with appropriate fee adjustment. Course deferral to a future date is subject to a $200 (plus tax) set-up fee. All cancellations, substitutions or deferrals must be received in writing.


    If you are interested in paying by installments, contact Manager, Certification at Please note that the course must be paid in full prior to the start of the first class.