Management Consulting Conference - Thank you for Attending!


October 27, 28, and 29, 2020

Thank you for attending our virtual conference

During CATALYST 2020 Management Consulting Conference we had 3 amazing days of engagement, content, and fun. The Conference Committee hopes you enjoyed the sessions, music, and community participation as much as we did.

Available now only through the Whova CATALYST Platform, to registered attendees;

  • All session presentations, located under ‘documents’
  • All session recordings, located under ‘video gallery’ or under each session in the agenda

The Whova CATALYST 2020 Platform is open to you until January 28, 2021 via Chrome browser and until April 28, 2021 via mobile app.

The Virtual Event Experience

CATALYST 2020 Management Consulting Conference Immersed participants in the latest thought leadership in the areas of business and management consulting. The conference provided insights to our members and guests on current topics of relevance to help form strategies to lead recovery and navigate beyond the new normal to a sustainable future.

CATALYST 2020 was a completely virtual event. Attendees stayed informed, asked questions, and attended all sessions in a mobile friendly environment. With the Event Platform app we connected with like-minded professionals and expanded our knowledge by listening to others and sharing our own experiences.

We brought the conference to our attendees and here is what they had to say;

"Fantastic! What a great 3 days - really well put together, loved all the sessions, and kudos to presenters and the hard-working staff at CMC Canada and the Ontario Institute who put this on. Definitely want to do this again!"
"A great conference! Every session was useful and well done. I can't say enough. The virtual format and pace were perfect - I hope that it can be done again. Virtual has advantages - it fits into my work schedule better; no travel/hotel to deal with. The networking session also worked well. Thank-you to everyone who put this together; the presenters; the musicians; the sponsors; and on and on. Well done! Congratulations.!"
"So impressed and grateful for this conference. Was terrific to reconnect with so many. Kudos to the entire team who pulled this together and to those who facilitated. Well done!"
"Great conference, appreciate all the work and creativity that went into putting it on, going online made the conference readily accessible from time, budget and convenience standpoints"
"LOVING the live music ... great work organizers! This MUST be replicated in future events!"
"Definitely educational, engaging and entertaining!"
"My first online event of this magnitude. You exceeded my expectations."
"Beautiful music!! I am making lunch & have you with me on my Bluetooth in the house"
"Great conference! Thank you so much for a great roster of topics & speakers. I feel so pumped! Looking forward to next years conference!"

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