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June 26, (2:00pm EST) – Master Class: Effective Organizational Management

Most organizations have a strategic plan but 70% fail to achieve their strategic goals, and only 5% of organization achieve their strategic objectives. In this online master class, you will be introduced to the nine elements of the Effective Managers™ organizational performance model to help you better manage your consulting projects.

Presenter: Dwight Mihalizc, FCMC

Cost: Early Bird -  $25 for student members / $105 for members / $175 for non-members (regular fees after June 1)

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July 9, (11:00am to 12:00pm MT) – Practice Development: 19 Marketing Content Strategies

Lost in space? Marketing your consulting can be overwhelming and confusing. Learn 19 different strategies for ways to stand out.

Presenter: Sharon MacLean

Cost: $15 for members   / $35 for non-members                                  

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August 13, (TBD) – Road to CMC: Do’s & Don’ts for Engagement Summaries

The Engagement Summaries are an important step in the certification process. This webinar will be full of tips and how-to’s for candidates pursuing the CMC designation and are stuck at this step in the process. Be ready to ask questions and refer to your own work as you go along with the presenter.

Presenter: Jeff Griffiths, FCMC

Cost: Free                                                                                                

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Previously Recorded Webinars

Disruptive Trends: Complexity Science for Consultants

Complexity provides a paradigm-shifting way of examining business problems that provides managers a complementary tool to AI and data-driven solutions.  Given the current context of business transformation, complexity science will continue to grow in interest and importance to clients in all industries.

Presenters: Douglas Reid, PhD & Rick Nason, PhD, CFA

Cost: on-demand recording of this webinar coming soon!

Practice Development: Discussion on Effective Organizational Management

Everyone at some time in their consulting career will encounter an organizational issue that threatens the success of their effort – and perhaps inadvertently, their reputation. Dwight MihaliczFCMC and Bernie Uhlich, CMC discuss how to do a better job of understanding and diagnosing why client organizations are not successfully implementing projects.

The discussion covers how the upcoming Master Class: Effective Organizational Management will help you better manage your consulting projects through the nine elements of the Effective Managers (TM) organizational performance model. 

Presenters: Dwight Mihalicz, FCMC & Bernie Uhlich, CMC

Cost: Free (registration required)                                                                                                

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Big Data & Analytics: An Online Module for Consultants (on-demand)

There's a lot of talk of big talk about Big Data. How can management consultants use this tool? The lack of analytic talent may be an BIG-DATA.jpgopportunity for consultants, but are in-house analytic teams now performing the traditional consultant's role of gathering, analyzing and synthesizing data? Is the hype about Big Data simply a fad, or should consultants adapt to a new normal?

Your website should be part of your marketing mix. As someone once said, "50 percent of my marketing budget is completely wasted. I just don't know which 50 percent." The purpose of this webinar is to outline what makes a modern, successful website. By using Google best business practices as a foundation, we will remove the mystery of what makes a website work. Using this non-subjective approach will make it easier to understand the benefits of your website.

This training course is designed to help consultants understand Big Data and how it fits within the Certified Management Consultant's 5-phase model.

By tackling this course, you will learn:

- The three components of Big Data and Analytics
- The three key categories of analytic techniques and types of software in use
- Linkages that exist between the CMC 5-phase model and the cross industry standard process for data mining
- The benefits, to both consultants and clients, of integrating Big Data techniques into the consulting process

DocumentGenerate.jpgAvailable entirely online, this course is a combination of required reading, videos, and short quizzes to test for understanding. Appropriate time required to complete the course is five hours depending on your current knowledge of the field. CMCs are eligible for 5 CPD points upon completion.

Pre-registration is required, as course enrollment takes one business day. The registration notification will be sent via SmarterU.

The course is developed and taught by Gregory Richards, MBA, Ph.D, FCMC.

Course Fees: Members: $120, Non-members: $150


Developing a Successful Consulting Website

CMC-Ontario hosted a webinar with former comedian and leading web expert Paul Chato (Your Web Department), who provided great tips to help consultants improve existing websites or create a new one. Paul has built more than 2,000 websites, including hundreds of consultants' and coaches’ sites.

Cost: Members ($20), Non-members ($35) - Watch a preview / purchase the webinar recording below: