MAS Participation Forms

Once you have taken the orientation session (Launching Soon), the next step is to complete the Agreement to Participate and Profile forms below.

You will then be eligible to work on MAS projects.

MAS Program - CMC Profile & Agreement to Participate 2020-2021

Identify the industries to which you most often provide small business consulting services and have demonstrable experience, not just interest. (This NAICS Canada list is also provided to the client.)

MAS Program - CMC Profile & Agreement to Participate 2020-2021

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The CMC-Canada Management Advisory Service (MAS) Program is funded through a Contribution Agreement with the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). This agreement with IRAP obligates the provider to abide by certain terms and conditions to ensure equitable and transparent service to clients. To that end, all CMCs who wish to participate must complete and return this form.

The undersigned hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions as a prerequisite for participating in the CMC-Canada MAS program. Any violation of these terms and conditions will be just cause for removal of the undersigned from participation in the Program.

1. The Consultant must be a CMC in good standing and therefore adhere to the Uniform Code of Professional Conduct .
2. The Consultant must have completed the CMC-Canada MAS orientation before undertaking a project.
3. The Consultant acknowledges that CMC-Canada reserves all rights to manage and administer the program in the best interests of the Association; CMC-Canada retains all rights and responsibilities pertaining to the terms and conditions specified in the Contribution Agreement with IRAP.
4. The Consultant acknowledges that CMC-Canada retains all rights to establish the fees paid to CMCs for the service through negotiation with IRAP.
5. The Consultant acknowledges that CMC-Canada retains all rights to brand and market the service, both as a service funded by IRAP and in other contexts.
6. The Consultant acknowledges that CMC-Canada will institute quality control measures such as satisfaction surveys and other means to assess the quality of service provided, prepare and disseminate reports based on the information collected, and to use the information to improve upon the service where appropriate.
7. The Consultant agrees to abide by the administrative processes prescribed by CMC-Canada for the operation of the program.
The Consultant acknowledges that work performed on MAS assignments is carried out solely by the Certified Management Consultant chosen by the client.
8. The Consultant will not solicit MAS assignments directly from any IRAP employee; however, Consultants may discuss the service with clients and refer those clients to IRAP.
9. The Consultant acknowledges that CMC-Canada will take steps to rectify any client complaints, which may arise from service provided under the program. The receipt in writing of two valid client complaints against any Consultant will be cause for removal of the Consultant from participation in the program.
10. The Consultant agrees to take all measures to avoid conflict of interest regarding MAS assignments.
11. The Consultant shall not actively solicit additional business from a client until such time as the terms of the MAS assignment are completed. Upon completion of the MAS, the Consultant may pursue other opportunities with the client as a normal course of business.
12. The Consultant confirms that he/she has read, understood and agrees to abide by the published Reimbursement Policy established by CMC-Canada for IRAP MAS assignments.
13. The Consultant agrees to maintain current and complete information in his/her profile on
14. The Consultant agrees to keep CMC-Canada apprised of their progress during the IRAP program.

This agreement becomes effective as of the date shown below, and will remain in effect until superseded or cancelled by either the Consultant or CMC-Canada through a written communication transmitted by mail, fax or email.

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From the list below, indicate the TOP THREE areas in which you offer consulting services to small businesses (this is the same list given to the client):

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