Mr. Kevin Aguanno, CMC

Senior Consultant,
Procept Associates

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250 Yonge Street, Suite 2201-49
Toronto, ON
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Mr. Kevin Aguanno, CMC

Senior Consultant,
Procept Associates


As a well-known keynote speaker, trainer, and coach in agile management methods, Kevin Aguanno has taught thousands of people how to better manage high-change projects by using Scrum, Extreme Programming, Feature-Driven Development, OpenUP, and other agile methods. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and private corporate events where he delights audiences with practical advice and fascinating stories from his own experiences in the trenches.

He has taught for several years at the University of Toronto where he won the coveted Excellence in Teaching Award, and is a regular guest lecturer in software engineering and project management classes at other universities.

Kevin Aguanno holds a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario and a Master’s in Project Management from the School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University.

He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and his competency is certified by IBM as a Certified Executive Project Manager and by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) as a Senior Project Manager
(IPMA Level B).

Aguanno is an active member of the Project Management Institute (U.S.A.) including the Information Systems SIG, the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (U.S.A.), the Association for Project Management (U.K.), and the Project Management Association of Canada where he is a founding director.

He is accredited by the IPMA (Geneva, Switzerland) as a project management competency assessor, and he performs IPMA Level-A, Level-B and IPMA Level-C assessments for the PMAC-AGPC in Canada and the ASAPM in the USA.

Kevin Aguanno is the author of over twenty books, audiobooks, and DVDs.

Specialties: agile project management, agile development, troubled project recovery, project team motivation, employee rewards and recognition

Consults to Industry

  • Construction
  • Educational services
  • Finance and insurance
  • Information and cultural industries
  • Management of companies and enterprises

Other Designations

  • Project Management Professional


  • CMC


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Masters of Project Management

Job History

Procept Associates Ltd.
February 2018 - present

TidalShift Inc.
February 2018 - present

Various Events
Professional Speaker
January 1996 - present

University of Toronto
January 1996 - present

Multi-Media Publications Inc.
Managing Editor
November 1990 - present

Procept Associates Ltd.
Principal Consultant & Agile Practice Lead
January 2010 - January 2018

GenXus Corporation
Principal Consultant
March 2011 - December 2017

World Class Productivity
Senior Consultant
January 2010 - December 2016

IBM Canada Ltd.
Certified Executive Project Manager
March 2006 - March 2011

IBM Canada Ltd.
Certified Senior Project Manager
February 2002 - February 2006

Element K Journals
Editor, "Inside Project Management" journal
April 2003 - December 2003

IBM Canada Ltd.
Principal Consultant, Business Innovation Services
January 2000 - January 2002

IBM Canada Ltd.
Certified Senior Project Manager
January 1997 - January 2000

O'Hara Systems Inc.
Client Liaison and Senior Programmer
May 1993 - December 1996

DataPro Computer Training ltd.
General Manager
October 1990 - April 1993

Corporate Computer Services Inc.
Vice President
October 1990 - April 1993

Allseasons Environmental Controls Ltd.
Development Manager
February 1990 - October 1990

TSW Information Systems
General Manager
February 1986 - August 1988

Consulting Service Areas

  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Strategy

Consulting Regions

  • Canada
  • United States


  • English
  • Italian