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Ms. Louise Harris, CMC

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Enterprise Business Architecture provides a simple, holistic framework for scoping, assessing and communicating strategic initiatives. It also serves as a plumb line for ensuring business change alignment with strategic direction.

Successful Business Architecture is
• Just Enough, Just in Time to support the implementation of innovation, growth or transformation
• Owned and valued by the business leadership
• An effective planning, design and communication tool for business change

Louise Harris is a certified management consultant with an extensive background in enterprise architecture along with business change and IM/IT solution implementation. Her focus is working with organizations to identify and develop successful business change initiatives that will achieve strategic outcomes. She does this by helping business leadership articulate their strategic plans in the context of both the organization's strategic goals and the end-to-end customer/client experience. Using that model she facilitates the definition of a business capability framework to structure and align business change scope with strategic priorities and organization capacity.

Adding to her expertise in enterprise architecture, Louise ensures success through business change management. All stakeholders know what results will be achieved. They understand their state of readiness and know exactly what has to be done to achieve sustainable outcomes. Louise ensures they have clear knowledge of all the pieces needed to make that happen using a business change readiness road map.

Louise has a strong track record facilitating collaboration and consensus building across multiple organizations at the executive, senior management and senior specialist levels.


University of British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
B.Sc., 1987
Computer Science


  • CMC