Mrs. Sucilla Buchoon-Harrikissoon, CMC

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Richmond Hill, ON

Mrs. Sucilla Buchoon-Harrikissoon, CMC


I am a Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI-UK) with an MSc in Strategic Quality Management, a BA in International Business & 38 years of multifaceted experience in the private & public sectors. I am deeply respectful of workplace diversity, organizational & national cultures & I strongly identify with CSR benefits 

As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Reg. Lead QMS/OSH Auditor/Trainer & Lead Specialist in Certified Management Systems and past HR Manager, I have been engaged in institutional strengthening and human capacity building with SME's for over 15 years. I have worked with grant funding agencies that obtained funding from Inter American Development Bank, was a registered senior consultant to Caricom  Trade Support and the  International development Bank Having owned and operated my own small business for over 10 years I have a first hand knowledge and understand  SME challenges .  I work with SME's and their teams to harness invaluable perspectives & organizational knowledge from all functions & levels of their  organization. I apply conceptual frameworks to disintegrate complex quality issues from single/multiple sources to gather & interpret data, conceptualize & model probable causes, in order to more accurately diagnose root causes & generate sound recommendations for business process improvement.

I look for existing  strengths in SME's and build on it and re-pattern the areas for improvement , develop lessons learnt and implement sound corrective actions to derive intended outcomes. I have used the ISO 9001 series for small businesses for over 30 SME's and infused guideline standards  for cusomer service, corporate social responsibility ,managing risk to strengthen SME's overall service delivery.

I work with leaders to strengthen their understanding of management systems in the context of meeting global trade requirements & have successfully implemented QHSE Management Systems in over 50 companies, conducted over 60 lead/internal auditing & general QMS programs & performed over 100 contractor/supplier audits. Over 90% of SME's I have assisted are now pre-qualified with multinationals.

I am highly versatile & can partner with:
1. Registrars to conduct 3rd party audits and training
2. Multinationals to conduct your audits as well as your suppliers QHSE audits
3. SME's for business process improvement
4. Franchisors and hotel chains to conduct location audits, mystery visits on your franchisees to assess process compliance.
5. New quality professionals to build competence in QMS
6. Consultants to use complementary Quality and Organizational Excellence Frameworks to strengthen interventions
7. Training Organizations to develop, conduct and deliver training
8. Standards Bodies in developing, reviewing, promoting Quality standards

Reach out to me at or 647-922-6709


University of Portsmouth
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Masters of Science in Strategic Quality Management, 2017
Business Transformation ,Achieving Competitive Advantage through Quality Management, Application of Organizational Excellence models to achieve competitive advantage, Operations management , Quantitative Methods, Driving Sustainability Through Quality management, Quality Tools to Drive Business Process Improvement
2013 To 2017
Dissertation: Examining the extent to which the ISO 9001/2015 QMS can be applied towards adopting the EFQM Organizational model
Advisor: Andra Foley

Honors and Awards

Dissertation- Tool kit created for businesses to /transition from QMS to Organizational Excellence
Merit received

Professional Associations

Association of Business Process Management Professionals
2017 - Present

The Chartered Institute of Quality (UK) Currently hold Chartered Quality Professional designation
2017 - Present

Auditing Association of Canada -Certified Health and Safety Management Systems Auditor
2013 - 2017

Canadian Association of Certified Management consultants (transition from Caribbean chapter in 2017)
2013 - 2017

Exemplar Global (Reg. Lead auditor for both Occupational Safety and Health and Quality Management as well as Lead Specialist in Certified Management Systems )
2013 - Present

American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Auditor and Senior Professional Member
2007 - 2018

International Register of Certified auditors (UK) Principal Auditor - Occupational Safety and Health
2006 - Present

Consults to Industry

  • Administrative and support waste management and remediation services
  • Finance and insurance
  • Management of companies and enterprises
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional scientific and technical services
  • Professional Services
  • Transportation and warehousing


  • CMC


  • Masters of Management Studies

Job History

Corporate Quality Advisor, Management Consultant (CMC), Lead Auditor and Trainer
June 2011 - present

Consulting Service Areas

  • Strategy

Consulting Regions

  • Ontario