Mr. Timothy Kist, CMC

Managing Director,
TK3 Consulting

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Mr. Timothy Kist, CMC

Managing Director,
TK3 Consulting


What is standing in the way of great business performance?

That is the question that business leaders should be asking on a regular basis, because business is all about results! Unfortunately, that question is often complex and can cause the leaders to lose sleep because they don’t know where to start to correct the problems.

How do you determine what is required for great business performance?

A business performance improvement process requires skill and expertise to manage the activities to bring the results you need. You need a consultant because you have a blind spot.
(If you knew what it was, they wouldn't call it a blind spot.) You're on the inside, looking out. It's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle. Your consultant is on the outside, looking in.

And it is absolutely essential to truly understand your customers' wants and needs...not just what you think they want and need. And your whole team needs to be on the same page so that the focus is clear and the outcomes can be your reward for developing this total company approach to your customers.

Tim Kist is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), whose certification was obtained through a combination of experience, examination and continuous professional development. With over 20 years of senior industry management, combined with nearly 8 years in management consulting with national firms, Tim brings together extensive experience, objectivity, and front line leadership. As a national athlete and current university football coach, Tim lives and understands the evaluation, preparation and game planning required for successful high level individual and team performance. He has successfully brought this coaching approach to his work teams throughout his leadership career.

Specialties: management consulting, strategic planning,marketing strategy, branding, communications, operations management, sales and business development, leadership, coaching, P&L accountability


University of Manitoba
B Comm (Hons)

Consults to Industry

  • Arts
  • entertainment and recreation
  • Information and cultural industries
  • Management of companies and enterprises
  • Other services (except public administration)
  • Retail Trade
  • Wholesale Trade


  • CMC


  • Bach. of Commerce (Hon.)

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TK3 Consulting
Managing Director
July 2012 - present

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  • Marketing

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  • Manitoba


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