Essentials of Management Consulting - EIP108

Starts:  Apr 20, 2018 8:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Apr 22, 2018 5:00 PM (ET)

This CMC-Canada accredited learning program is presented under the name of The Fundamentals of Management Consulting. It is based on the Common Body of Knowledge of the profession and is a shortened, live presentation of the flagship learning program of CMC-Canada – The Essentials of Management Consulting.


Dynamic and interactive, it is valuable to management consultants wanting to deliver superior value to their clients, to anyone who is considering becoming a management consultant, and to any member who is pursuing the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. It is a live, blended learning program that requires a half-day of individual advance study, and active participation in an intensive three day classroom-based workshop.


What Will Participants Learn?

The course is designed to provide candidates with fundamental knowledge of the management consulting profession, in particular, the consulting process, tools and methodologies employed, plus key insights into core elements of teamwork, client communications and change management. Specifically, at the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:


  • Describe the purposes, activities, and deliverables for the five stages of the consulting process; Entry, Diagnosis, Action Planning, Implementation, and Termination.
  • Understand the breadth of key methodologies, tools and techniques associated with each stage in the consulting process. Participants will be introduced to some key tools in the workshop, plus provided extensive background information – including detailed toolkits for all of these methods, tools and techniques, leaving the practice and the application in their hands.
  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of the Client-Consultant Relationship - especially the roles of a management consultant in that relationship as participants will be encouraged to reflect on the role, responsibilities and accountabilities of a consultant in each phase of an assignment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of change, client capabilities, and change management. This is an inherent part of the nature of management consulting – consultants always introducing change as part of their consulting engagements. The implementation of any assignment requires an assessment a client’s absorptive capacity for change and a change management plan which exhibits a thoughtful balance between task and process – getting things done, and getting them done through people who are experiencing change.
  • Understand more about team building principles, tools and methods. Working constructively in teams is also an inherent part of management consulting: a team charter exercise will be run and extensive background information on successful teaming will be provided.
  • Understand key consulting communication skills. Consulting is, at best, a dialogue and professional consultants require skills such as; conflict management, negotiation, written, oral and presentation skills, meeting facilitation techniques, and feedback skills. Practical applications in the course will be supplemented with additional information on tools and techniques.
  • Apply ethical concepts from the Uniform Code of Business Conduct with respect to the Consulting Process - ethical behaviour is the hallmark of a Certified Management Consultant and there are elements of the Code which require strict attention in each phase of the consulting process and these are covered in this course.


How Does the Course Work?

The EMC program is a survey course (it will cover a lot of information in a short period of time) which will cover the breadth of professional management consulting, with specific emphasis on the application of the Consulting Process – especially the Diagnosis and Action Planning Stages. Given its brevity, it cannot cover the entire profession in depth; however, it will provide background information and support for all areas that are introduced in the program.

A ‘Blended Learning’ Approach

Using a blended learning approach allows the use of a variety of media to optimize participant learning – pre-recorded lecturettes, a case study, interactive discussions, and group work applying various tools and techniques introduced in the program.

The course includes mandatory advance preparation. This consists of six self study modules, five of which are narrated PowerPoint presentations, the other provided in reading format. Reviewing these modules will take about four hours. Also provided in advance will be case study materials that introduce a client situation that is to be studied in advance of the main workshop.

At the workshop, the case study will be pursued – initially to discuss a Letter of Understanding as part of the Entry Stage of the Consulting process. And then with additional case materials, the Diagnosis Stage will be pursued with vigour, including instruction on the groundbreaking tool – the Assignment Solution Framework (Copyright Schwenker & Associates), available only with this classroom program. The case study will also be used for exercises in Action Planning and discussions around Implementation and Termination Stage issues.

Tools and techniques will also be introduced with application exercises around teamwork, communications and change management.

An Added Bonus (only with this program) - A complete toolkit of resources

Participants in this course will be given access to an entire toolkit of consulting tools, techniques, templates and resources that participants can apply in real assignments for each step in the consulting process as well as for Teamwork, Communications and Change Management. A full library of research articles is also provided which cover each of these topics.


Participants will be provided with instructions on how to access - and are required to download - the extensive resource kit. They will also be provided with complete instructions on how to undertake the required half-day advance preparation before coming to the first day of the workshop. Additional welcome information will be mailed out the week prior to the training program.

It is recommended that participants bring the entire toolkit on a laptop to the Workshop as there will be discussions around the resources and applications of many of its contents.


This course is taught by Kevin Schwenker, FCMC, Principal of Schwenker & Associates




180 Shaw Street



Start: 8am

Finish: 5pm



Course fees

Member: $1485

Non-member: $1875



Additional information:


For More Information including a narrated presentation on the program and its benefits, or for any questions, feel free to contact instructor Kevin Schwenker directly by phone (902-423-2515) or by email

Additional Suggested Support Materials:

You will be using many of the techniques in the Diagnosis and Action Planning Phases that are outlined in Memory Jogger II. If you don’t already own this very handy pocket guide, it is available in Canada from Books for Business at 1 (800) 668-9372, and from, and from the publisher,



Cancellations received in writing on or before April 13, 2018 will be refunded the full amount. After April 13, a $200 administrative fee will apply for cancellation or transfer to an alternate course.


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