Strategic Change by Design Certificate


CMC-Canada's Strategic Change by Design Certificate consists of three modules that equip the next generation of professionals to thrive in the midst of rapid change.

Module 1 - Critical Success Factors for Strategic Change
January 21 - February 12, 2019
10 hours over 3 weeks - 2 webinars, 2 moderated online discussion exercises, 1 assignment, individual reading

Module 2 - Identify & Assess Change Opportunities
April 15 - May 20, 2019
25 hours over 5 weeks - 5 webinars, 4 instructor reviewed assignments, peer review, reading & videos

Module 3 - Scope Change Initiatives
September 16 - October 21, 2019
25 hours over 5 weeks - 5 webinars, 4 instructor reviewed assignments, peer review, reading & videos

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Learning Objectives

  • Working Knowledge of Strategic Change Frameworks
  • Solid Understanding of Critical Success Factors for Change initiatives
  • Understand how to engage stakeholders throughout the change process
  • Understand how to set up and execute a change initiative and a consulting engagement for success
  • Aware of a variety of relevant tools and techniques and how to select the best suited one
  • Exposure to visual modelling tools
  • Understand how to:
    • Define a Value Proposition
    • Define and track meaningful change outcomes & objectives
    • Frame change risk and readiness assessments
    • Frame change scope and manage stakeholder expectations

Module 1: Critical Success Factors for Strategic Change
  • Introduction to Critical Success Factors for scoping, assessing and managing risk for strategic change initiatives
  • Overview of models & techniques for aligning stakeholder expectations
  • Introduction to the purpose & scope of a Strategic Change Framework
  • Overview of 4 well-known frameworks that cover various aspects of planning and implementing business change and how they can be used to complement each other (Kotter, ADKAR, CMC, ACMP)
  • Introduction to Kotter's 8 step model for implementing change
  • How to effectively use the Stakeholder Profile to align the change journey with the desired change outcomes
  • Exploring the value of visual modeling for effective business change facilitation
  • Introduction to Strategic Value model

Module 2 : Identify & Assess Change Opportunities 
  • Overview of the key change drivers in our current time and how these are impacting business models and organization culture 
  • Overview of the different types of change and the various relevant approaches    
  • Review of Strategic Change Analysis and the CMC Management Consulting Framework 
  • Introduction to different methods for identifying and assessing change opportunities such as Market & Trend Analysis, Customer Value Analysis, Lean, Causal Loop Analysis, Process Mining & Analysis, Cause and Effect Analysis and how to wrap this in a complete business system analysis 
  • Introduction to using data to assess change opportunities such as big data, crowd sourcing, employee/customer input, internal data analytics 
  • How to use and develop a Strategic Value model to frame the purpose of change
  • How to use and develop a Strategic outcomes reference model using SMART objectives
  • Introduction to organization cultural assessment and change readiness 
  • Introduction to assessing change risk with effective stakeholder collaboration 
  • How to use the Business Model Canvas to frame the potential change

Module 3 : Scope Change Initiatives
  • How to develop stakeholder change ownership and manage stakeholder expectations 
  • Overview of methods and tools to define the ideal state across the full business spectrum of people, process, policy, information, technology and infrastructure
  • Overview of methods and tools to identify the gaps between now and the ideal 
  • Introduction to assessing organization change capacity (capabilities, resources, finances) 
  • Introduction to concisely defining change scope and determining critical external dependencies 
  • How to be prepared to manage change to the change initiative 
  • Introduction to managing change to the change initiative
  • How to assess the options for change scope, and link scope options with risks 
  • How to develop a change scope recommendations summary 
  • Introduction to other visual models for designing change


What previous course participants have said ...

'Excellent course especially for technical resources. This course helped me better understand how to apply change management techniques and practices into my consulting work.' - Robert, IT Professional, Large Consulting Firm

'The strategic change design certificate provided a step by step process to applying change principles, with emphasis on clear identification of change , purpose, and value. I recommend the course for anyone who is interested in using a strategic approach to ensure successful organizational change.'  - Mary, Human Resources, Public Sector

'What a great NEW way of looking at an old problem!'

'Enjoyed the interaction...Liked the media mix of learning material...Liked the mix of theory with practical templates'.

'Materials were relevant to my career...Liked the flexibility to fit it into my schedule...The optional extra reading was valuable'.

'The instructor was engaging...The course material was easy to follow'.

'Interaction with other participants exposed me to ideas and perspectives I would never have thought of'.


Module 1 (January 21 - February 11, 2019)

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- CMC Member: $295

Module 2 (April 15 - May 20, 2019)
- Non-member: $1195
- CMC Member: $945
Module 3 (September 16 - October 21, 2019)
- Non-member: $1195
- CMC member: $945

Save $300 with Modules 2 & 3 Bundle*:
- Non-member: $1995
- CMC member: $1595
*Bundle option available through Module 2 or 3 course registration