Management Consulting Diploma

Interested in an exciting career in management consulting? Expand your education credentials and increase your attractiveness to potential employers by earning a diploma in management consulting at a reasonable cost.

Earning the MC diploma also provides a great foundation for you to then pursue the CMC designation – you’ll have already completed all the necessary educational requirements below.

1) Download the application 

2) Email the completed application to or Fax it to us at: 416-860-1535 | Toll Free: 800-662-2972. 

*Please note that those interested in the diploma must have an undergraduate degree to apply.  

The Management Consulting Diploma is ideal for:

Graduate Business Students Whether you’re considering a career in project management, human resources, or accounting, your work may involve face-to-face consultation with clients.  You need to understand the consulting process, no matter your discipline. 

CMC-Canada has many academic partners that incorporate management consulting into their curricula. Graduates of our partner institutions are recognized as having completed most / all of the educational requirements of the Diploma program:

Ethical Behaviour

Essentials of Management Consulting

Project Management

Interpersonal Skills

Personal Skills 

And graduates of other Canadian business schools may have their education assessed.

Young Professionals (YPs) - under 40 years of age You have your degree and perhaps even a designation in your chosen field.  And you’re thinking of the next steps in your career advancement.  A Diploma in Management Consulting gives you the solid foundation to take you to the next level.

To earn the Diploma, participants must meet the educational requirements referenced above (Essentials of Management Consulting, Ethical Behaviour, Project Management, Personal Skills and Interpersonal Skills).

Post-secondary education credits that YPs have obtained in three of the five CMC core competency areas (Project Management, Interpersonal and Personal Skills) may already meet those diploma requirements.  Young Professionals who have not previously passed CMC-Canada’s Essentials of Management Consulting and Ethical Behaviour courses are required to take those courses.

Transitioning to Consulting - over 40 - You’re an expert in your field and thinking of winding down your career, but you want to use your experience and expertise as a consultant. The diploma courses will teach you how to assess a client problem in a methodical manner and how to guide the client through your recommended solution.

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