Big Data & Analytics: An Online Module for Consultants (on-demand)

There's a lot of talk of big talk about Big Data. How can management consultants use this tool? The lack of analytic talent may be an BIG-DATA.jpgopportunity for consultants, but are in-house analytic teams now performing the traditional consultant's role of gathering, analyzing and synthesizing data? Is the hype about Big Data simply a fad, or should consultants adapt to a new normal?

Your website should be part of your marketing mix. As someone once said, "50 percent of my marketing budget is completely wasted. I just don't know which 50 percent." The purpose of this webinar is to outline what makes a modern, successful website. By using Google best business practices as a foundation, we will remove the mystery of what makes a website work. Using this non-subjective approach will make it easier to understand the benefits of your website.

This training course is designed to help consultants understand Big Data and how it fits within the Certified Management Consultant's 5-phase model.

By tackling this course, you will learn:

- The three components of Big Data and Analytics
- The three key categories of analytic techniques and types of software in use
- Linkages that exist between the CMC 5-phase model and the cross industry standard process for data mining
- The benefits, to both consultants and clients, of integrating Big Data techniques into the consulting process

DocumentGenerate.jpgAvailable entirely online, this course is a combination of required reading, videos, and short quizzes to test for understanding. Appropriate time required to complete the course is five hours depending on your current knowledge of the field. CMCs are eligible for 5 CPD points upon completion.

Pre-registration is required, as course enrollment takes one business day. The registration notification will be sent via SmarterU.

The course is developed and taught by Gregory Richards, MBA, Ph.D, FCMC.

Course Fees: Members: $120, Non-members: $150


Developing a Successful Consulting Website

CMC-Ontario hosted a webinar with former comedian and leading web expert Paul Chato (Your Web Department), who provided great tips to help consultants improve existing websites or create a new one. Paul has built more than 2,000 websites, including hundreds of consultants' and coaches’ sites.

Cost: Members ($20), Non-members ($35) - Watch a preview / purchase the webinar recording below: 



CMC-Alberta recaps the 2016 CMC-Global Conference

During Management Consulting Week in October 2016, five CMC-Alberta members were lucky enough to receive complimentary registrations for the CMC-Global (formerly ICMCI) Conference. The theme of the event: Consulting 4.0. Are You Ready? Attendees learned how to make their businesses disruptors, stay ahead of the competition, anticipate customers' needs, and recognize new opportunities for profit and growth. 

In return for their complimentary registrations, the five recipients took note of their key learnings at the conference and shared those with colleagues at this February 2017 webinar.  

Take PD Classics offers CMC-Canada members the opportunity to listen to some of the best content they may have missed during its first run.

From social media / blogging best practices to sales growth tips and next generation practice management,Take PD webinars cover a wide range of topics in 40-60 minutes for consultants across multiple industries. 

From the convenience of your home or office, get strategic advice and tactics from Industry Leaders that you can implement into your business today.

For a limited time only, we will be offering a bundle price of only $69 for access to our best-selling webinars. Here's a full list of all webinars included in this package: 


  • “Powerful Podium Presence” with Janice Otremba
  • “Powerful delivery Through Technology” with Janice Otremba
  • “Next Generation Practice Management – Innovating Strategy Implementation” with Mike Bell
  • “Developing Business in a Social Media World” with Nick Kosar and Paul Grabowski
  • “Using webinars to Increase Sales and Grow Your Business” with Iman Aghay
  • “The End of the (Unpaid) Written Proposal” with Blair Enns
  • “Blog Your Way to Thought Leadership Status” with Nina Amir
  • “How Change has Changed – What Consultants Need to Know” with Dawna Jones


  • "Specialization Secrets and Value Propositions: How to Stand Out and Get the Attention of your Ideal Clients" with Michael Zipursky
  • "Leveraged List Building - How to Generate Leads and Grow a List of High Paying Clients" with Michael Zipursky
  • "$10,000 Per Hour Work - How to Maximize your Productivity and Create Greater Value" with Michael Zipursky
  • "How to Create a Marketing System that Consistently Attracts Ideal Consulting Clients" with Michael Zipursky
  • "Leading Edge Product for CMC-Canada Members" with Dawn Ringrose


  • "A Consultant's Social Media Toolkit" with Maikel Parets
  • "The Psychology of Winning Business Coaching Clients" with John Warrillow
  • "The Value Builder SystemTM Discovery Session" with John Warrillow
  • "Selling the Intangible - Closing Consultant Engagements" with Eric Smith
  • "Master the Art and Science of Communication" with Tiz Benvenuto  

Once you have purchased the webinar package, you will be contacted within one business day with login information to access all the webinars.

Leadership Thought Forum Speaker Series - Strategic Discomfort Webcast

A Message from Marylka Empey, CMC, Founder of the Leadership Thought Forum

The Leadership Thought Forum is presented by the GTA Chapter of CMC-Ontario and jointly sponsored with CMA Ontario. The LTF series began in 2012 and was created to provide a mechanism to foster thought leadership and discussion regarding the range of strategic issues affecting organizations. Our keynote speakers are leaders in business, consulting, academia, or government, who bring a global perspective to the issues at hand. The GTA Chapter is pleased to offer the series via podcast to share access to our Thought Leaders. 

Strategic Discomfort

Are you playing in a dynamic industry, where the competitive landscape is fast changing and unforgiving? How do market leaders lose their lead? How can a company with a dominant market share allow a new entrant to steal their momentum? How can successful leaders not see a fundamental change to the basis for competition in their space?

One controversial concept to combat this is to foster an entrepreneurial culture that generates the right attitude, creates urgency, and encourages out-of-the box thinking and breakthrough product development. It is all about, ‘Strategic Discomfort.’ It is about managing the culture, keeping the firm nimble, on edge, uncomfortable and hungry… and being focused. Find out how to make the competitive difference in an organization’s success and sustainability by applying the principles of Strategic Discomfort.

Keynote Speaker:

David Tait is a Director with AlixPartners in New York City. For the past 20 years, David has consulted to leading companies in North America, Asia, and Europe on business and organization strategy, merger integration, and large-scale change. His focus has been primarily in the telecommunications sector, helping clients implement and improve their execution of major strategic initiatives. David has helped structure new lines of business and channels to market to commercialize new technologies, and has developed market entry strategies for many successful businesses. In addition, David has implemented major strategic and operational initiatives for companies in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Previously, he spent 10 years with A.T. Kearney in North America and Australia, and was a Vice President in both their Operations and Strategies Practice. David has been a Partner with SECOR and a Vice President in Hay Group’s organizational effectiveness practice. He also founded Tait + Associates, a leading consulting firm to the telecommunications industry. David holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, and a BA from York University and is a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

  • Member Price $30.00
  • Non Member Price $40.00

Once you have purchased the event, you will be contacted within one business day with login information to access the webcast.