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Are you ready to seize the opportunity of the good news announced in Stats Canada's latest report?

I hear a lot of discussion among consultants about how and where to find new opportunities in this economy. A headline I picked up today from the SCMA (Supply Chain Management Association) triggered my thoughts and inspirations on this topic. "Canadian economy added 55,000...

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Focusing on tomorrow's competitive advantage

Anything that is part of your corporate competitive strategy that isn't about being or creating something UNIQUE is just noise, both to your employees and to your customers. Yes, parts of your business plan need to be operationally driven, but even those portions should be linked up underneath...

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Disruption – 7 Lessons from a Lifelong Corporate Renegade

Renegade Life In my late 20’s and early 30’s I was working my way up the corporate ladder in one of Canada’s global financial services companies. My Sr. VP at the time was an elder statesman of the financial industry, and he used to delight in introducing me to his colleagues, especially...

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Digital Transformation – Getting Lost is Easy!

Digital Transformation – Mobile, Cloud, them Things, and that really Big Data We’ve all heard that the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics are essential to future success of organization s. Almost every day, like me, I am sure you’re bombarded with a new event on the topic....

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Analysis Paralysis: Change Management Case Study

How to implement change in an organization that knows it must change, but seems to be paralyzed, and everyone knows that, too? It’s not unusual to come across an organization where those closer to the customers know there is unrest that needs to be addressed. In this case study we find that...

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Lean: the People Process

“Implementing Lean concepts and principles is not a technological issue. It is primarily a management and human resource issue.” Kenneth E. Kirby, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Tennessee Since 1996 I have worked with thousands of...

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Making Change Work

The secrets of effective change continue to fascinate the business community. An understanding of how people or organizations can be encouraged to change or adjust behaviors is fundamental to implementing the outputs of consulting engagements. It is most effectively practiced in partnership...