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Analysis Paralysis: Change Management Case Study

How to implement change in an organization that knows it must change, but seems to be paralyzed, and everyone knows that, too? It’s not unusual to come across an organization where those closer to the customers know there is unrest that needs to be addressed. In this case study we find that...

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ISO and The Hard Work of Trying to Rule Ourselves

I field frequent requests from members to engage in dialogue with some unspecified element of government to have a policy or practice changed. Procurement is a favourite of our community. Surely there are easy ways to automate the procurement process, to assure constructive feedback to...

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Termination Stage

Termination is the fifth and final phase of the consulting process. Every assignment or project has to be brought to an end once its purpose has been achieved and [or] the consultant’s help is no longer needed. It is not enough to execute the assignment in a professional manner. The...

Terms of Reference

In many consulting assignments, the client has already prepared a Terms of Reference document (also known as a Statement of Work) that they send out in their call for management consulting proposals. These Terms often include a preliminary problem statement. Requesting an investigatory...

Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation takes place when there is a change in the way the business is done or in the event of a re-engineering or restructuring activity. Along with the structural changes, the attitude of the employees, their perspectives as well as the culture of the organization...

Implementation Stage

Implementation is the culmination of the consultant’s and the client’s joint effort [to this point]. To implement changes that are real improvements from the client’s point of view is the basic purpose of any consulting assignment. The consultant, too, wants to see his or her proposals not only...


The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value...

Entry Stage

Entry is the initial phase in any consulting process and assignment. During entry, the consultant and the client get together, try to learn as much as possible about each other, discuss and define the reason for which the consultant has been brought in, and on this basis agree on the scope of...

Diagnosis Stage

The purpose of diagnosis is to examine the problem faced and the purposed purposes pursued by the client in detail and in depth, identify the factors and forces that are causing and influencing the problem, and prepare all information needed for deciding how to orient work on the solution to the...


Consulting is providing opinion, advice, counsel, and to deliberate together. #Sector #Service #ConsultingProcess #Collaboration