Working with a Management Consultant

There are three simple but essential elements to successfully engaging a consultant:

  • Identify the need for management consulting services and define the scope of work requested (often summarized in a Statement of Requirements as part of a Call for Proposals).
  • Carefully select a management consultant based on knowledge, demonstrated skills and competencies (often included in a Proposal and assessed objectively by a client).
  • Work with the consultant to ensure that the assignment is satisfactorily completed in accordance with the proposal (the consultant will summarize the agreed to work in a Letter of Engagement that includes fees, while the proposed work will be outlined in a time-sequenced work plan with defined milestones and deliverables to assist in client oversight)

Ask a short list of qualified consultants to submit a proposal in response to your Call for Proposals. Make sure to include a specific set of requirements. Management consultants typically submit a proposal describing their understanding of client needs, their approach, methodology, proposed deliverables, credentials, and professional fees.

Select a management consultant on the basis of:

  • Skills and competencies.
  • Relevant industry experience.
  • Adherence to ethics and standards.
  • Availability.
  • References.
  • Professional fees and available budget.