Commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Ethics and Competency

An important part of being a Professional, is ensuring you remain competent and continuously improve your skills, knowledge and understanding of the latest, best practices in management consulting. Certified Management Consultants make this commitment and make ongoing efforts to maintain relevancy and competency in their craft, plus develop new knowledge and abilities as the various tools and knowledge of management leading practices evolve.

Annual Obligations

All CMC’s and non-CMC Registrants of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta (ICMCA) must renew their registration annually.

Upon this annual renewal, all Registrants are required to:

  • Attest to the Universal Code of Professional Conduct
  • Pay their annual professional dues; and

CMC/FCMC’s must further provide:

  • Evidence of attainment of minimum level of continuing professional development (CPD) credits.

Individuals who do not comply with these requirements may be brought forward to the Institute’s, Practice Review and Discipline Committee for:

  • Practice Review, and possibly
  • Sanction, and/or
  • Removal of their professional designation.

Registered, Certified Members can keep track of their CPD activities and submit their annual records by signing-in to their Personal Profile-Account.