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Digital Transformation - Part II

Join us on March 3rd 2022 (4 to 6 pm MST) for this exciting Virtual Zoom Session on

"Digital Transformation II".

Microsoft combines services, applications, and programs for a comprehensive user experience. If you have not yet used SharePoint, that day is likely approaching. If you are using it already, here is your chance to contribute to the conversation: Getting the most out of SharePoint.

More than a technical tour, this brief introduction of SharePoint Bookings and Workflows has the potential to get you thinking it’s a point of inflection your brand and services. More than show and share, this is intended to be a dialogue on what you as a CMC can offer your clients when using their technology.

In this session, Dieter Wentzel, MBA, CPHR, GRP, WFA ( ) will explore the idea that beyond the mouse clicking, there is an underlying consideration that will be the backdrop of this conversation:

  • Where is your document repository?
  • Who has permission and what kind of permission?
  •  Where is your redundant backup?
  • If you are new to consulting, what are principles of document control?
  •  If you are an experienced consultant, are you aware of how SharePoint can streamline tasks?

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Cost: FREE

Digital Transformation - Part 1

Join us on Feb 3rd 2022 (4 to 6 pm MST) for this exciting Virtual Zoom Session on

"Digital Transformation - The Pace of Innovation Is Accelerating at an exponential rate" 

In this session, Prashant Gupta shall share with us how some innovative companies have started to view this available data as a value driver to make data driven decisions, create new business models to help them remain future relevant and drive competitive advantage. 

Prashant Gupta is a Sr. Manager at BDO Canada’s Digital office and brings over twenty plus years of industry related Advisory, IS/IT & Digital Business model transformation experience to the table. 

He is also a founding member of BDO Canada’s Digital office with a mandate to “Leverage matured and cutting-edge digital technologies to increase the firm’s growth, improve performance and enhance digital experience”.  

Prior to joining BDO’s Digital office, Prashant was BDO’s Consulting practice leader in Western Canada for Data, Analytics and AI where he successively managed and delivered several Data, Analytics, and AI driven Digital transformation projects for its clients across Canada & U.S.A. 

Being a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), he also serves on the Board of Directors at CMC, Alberta where he contributes to the strategic planning and direction for CMC-AB and advocates a higher level of management thinking.  

As a lifelong learner, he has a degree in Engineering and has also successively completed executive management certificate programs from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C) & Wharton’s School for Executive Education.

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Cost: FREE

The Dangers of Empathy: How Do We Navigate Change

Join us on Jan 6th 2022 (4 to 6 pm MST) for this exciting Virtual Zoom Session on

This month's topic will dive into the Dangers of Empathy in today's context with some important discussion questions.

When many people are burning down – i.e., their mental and emotional weariness is increasing – is trying to be an empathetic leader sucking them dry even faster?  How is weariness impacting attempts to figure out, adapt to and lead in the "new normal"? How is rapidly increasing digital transformation stirring up the mud?  Is it possible to sustain the current rate of change? How do we equip people and organizations to navigate the current turbulent waters?

Why was the initial adaptation to working from home amazingly successful in the midst of so much turmoil, but adapting to the "new normal" fraught with conflict? Is more empathy what is needed now?

As advisors and leaders, we need to think through these questions so we can effectively lead our organizations and provide our clients with viable advice.  In this session, Dr. Louise A Harris PhD, CMC, CCMP,  will first guide us in an exploration of relevant research from the fields of neuroscience, organization psychology and requirements engineering. Then we will break out into groups to discuss if and how any of this research can set us in the right direction to these questions and better equip leaders and managers to navigate the next few years.

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CMC-Alberta Holiday Party!

December 16, 2021

All CMC-Alberta members (students, associate, CMC and FCMC) are cordially invited to our Holiday Party. Please join us at the holiday meet and greet to catch up with fellow members, Committee Members and the Board. Let’s have a holiday cheer before the new year rings in and recognize all of our achievements. Remember, there are multiple door prizes for our members, so make sure you attend to win some exciting prizes!

First Prize: Ipad Air or Surface Pro 7 (valued at $1000)

Second Prize: 2022 CMC Membership (valued at $625)

Third Prize: $500 Visa Gift Card

*to qualify for the above prizes, you must have attended a minimum 2 CMC-AB events throughout the year. The draw will be held on December 16, 2021 online during the event. 

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Join us on December 2 (4 to 6 pm MST) for this exciting Virtual Zoom Session on


Join us Thursday, December 2, and refresh your knowledge of useful tools for your consulting practice. Explore the use of a virtual whiteboard in a real-world consulting application and much more!

This online professional development event will be interactive and informative. It's an entertaining approach that should lighten our spirits as we near the end of this remarkable year.

The VHH is open to all members across Canada. You are encouraged to join and meet fellow CMCs in the national community!

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Cost: FREE

Management To Accelerate Innovation

Join us on November 4th (4 to 6 pm MST) for this exciting Virtual Zoom Session on

Management To Accelerate Innovation.

Where Darrell Petras, Director of Business and Community Development at Innovate Edmonton, will lead us through this engaging and informative session.

During the session we shall cover:-

The challenge: building the success of the innovation sectors as a gateway to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

The opportunity: accelerating the growth of companies as they collectively support a post-pandemic recovery and long-term economic sustainability for Edmonton and the province. How can we, the management consulting community, better address the needs and challenges these companies face as they ramp up to sell and distribute their products globally?

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Cost: FREE

Words Don't Lie But People DoDetecting Deception in Everyday Communications. 

Join us on Sept 28th & 29th (09 am to 1 pm MST Each Day) for this exciting 8-hour Professional Development Online Session -

Delve into the world of linguistic analysts and FBI profilers to learn how a person's words reveal whether they are truthful or not. Discover how linguistic lie detection techniques can help you in all of your business dealings (8 CPD's).

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Cost: PAID

Risk & Liability for Management Consultants

Join us on Oct 7th (4 to 6 pm MST ) for an exciting Zoom Presentation on Risk & Liability for Management Consultants by Olivia Reed, Director at BMS Canada and BMS Global Affinity, as well as a RIBO Licenced Insurance Broker.

The main objectives of the presentation are:

Provide an overview of current and emerging risks facing Management Consultants and how the liability insurance through the CMC-Canada program can support in mitigating these.

  • Understand key differences between the coverages
  • Obtain greater detail on coverage and exclusions within a range of liability policies

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Cost: FREE