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(Available to ICMCA Registrants in Canada).

AB Open MIC- AB Open Mic - AB Virtual Happy Hour - Dealing with Complexity

Please join us November 2, 2023 (4-6 PM MT) – in this Virtual happy hour (Zoom) event

Overview: As management consultants, we are often called to help clients with their complex problems. Come join us for our Virtual Happy Hour and hear from guest speaker, Christina M. Comeau. After a long career in supporting change and transformation, Christina is pursuing a PhD to further explore how to manage change through highly complex problems. In her experience, higher levels of complexity require different approaches than to what we might be accustomed. Christina is also leading paid professional development sessions later in November. So, this VHH also functions as a sneak peek into the sessions where participants will take a deeper dive on the topic and her practical recommendations for taking on these great challenges! As always, we will take the time in our VHH for breakout sessions to discuss what has been presented, which is also an opportunity for networking with other attendees.

Cost: FREE

Mastering Complexity: Revolutionary Strategies for Today's Challenges

Please join us November 23 & 30, 2023

In today's volatile and intricate business environment, standard solutions often fall short. Dive deep into the world of complexity with Dr. Christina M. Comeau, a seasoned professional who has dedicated her life to understanding and managing change amidst the most intricate challenges. This is not just another webinar; it's your chance to arm yourself with the latest insights from the forefront of complexity research!

What You'll Gain:

  • In-depth Knowledge: Delve deep into the nuances of complexity and its impact on business and decision-making.
  • Practical Application: Understand the cutting-edge strategies to tackle higher-order complexity beyond conventional methods.
  • Professional Development: A two-part immersive experience, crafted meticulously to fit your demanding calendar.

Cost: For CAMC Members: $125 (Grab the early bird price at $100 until Oct. 31!)
For Non-Members: $250 (Pro Tip: Become an Associate member before the session and enjoy this transformative event FOR FREE! Register Here)