Q1 In brief, describe how you entered the profession of management consulting, or when did you decide that management consulting was a profession that you wanted to enter?

I entered the management consulting industry after spending the first 10 years of my career in the technology solution design space. In 2011, I saw how the traditional technology landscape was going to be disrupted and I saw an opportunity to 'raise my level' and began to think about and work with clients around their business challenges.

Q2 What do you love most about consulting?

I love discovering new problems and really focusing in on the 'Why' when working with organizations. It's amazing to co-create with the client and see the progression, impact and shared language that you develop as you work with them. I ascribe to the model that our clients don't just have functional jobs, but also social and emotional jobs.

Q3 What do you like the least?

The thing I like least about consulting is sometimes the frustration that comes with bringing an early adopter/innovator mindset. Sometimes it feels like you have to sell many different groups within a client, while they defend the status-quo of "this is how we do things here".

Q4 What has been your most satisfying engagement and why?

Working with an Alberta-based non-profit organization providing services to low-income housing. I could see the direct impact that we were having through the development of an understanding of the customer's journey. I grew up in social housing myself, so it resonated with me deeply and aligned with my desire to make a real difference in our local Alberta community.

Q5 What personality trait has helped you the most in your career?

Being adaptable has been the most important personality trait in my career. Adaptability is the willingness to be open-minded, vulnerable, and empathetic, which allows us to adapt to our customers' needs and help reach the impact that they are looking for.

Q6 Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island - What is one book and one luxury item you would take with you?

I would choose How to Survive on a Deserted Island by Tim O'Shei. I might as well survive while I am there! My luxury item would be a Solar Panel with built-in LED lighting, to read my survival book of course.