By: Jason blow

Summer 2019

You have spent, or are thinking of spending, hard earned dollars on your CMC designation and annual dues. Perhaps you are working your way towards the CMC. The primary value you receive from membership is a certification recognized around the world and exceptional professional development. These will always be our priorities at CMC-Canada.

While those are outstanding reasons to join and renew with CMC-Canada, we are striving to provide more value to your membership. We are very happy to announce new value-added partnerships to help make work more productive and life a little easier.

We are adding resources to help you build exceptional presentations and provide synopsis recordings of highly revered professional audio books through our partner YouExec. Exclusive members-only access at no extra charge to you.

A robust Toolkit titled the ‘CMC Excellence Hub’ by GoodPractice is also available. It will provide you with handy articles, ideas, case studies and exercises on topics such as Leadership & Strategy (i.e. Change Management), Managing People and Teams, Personal Skills and Development, and Project Management supports.

Need procurement support? Our partnerships with Staples Business Advantage and Quickbooks can provide you with access and discounts available only to members.

A healthy body and mind is the best path towards enjoyment in professional and personal lives. We are pleased to partner with GoodLife Fitness and provide access to substantial discounts on yearly memberships ($400 in savings), along with Travel Discounts to help support you in the goals of getting the most out of your life away from work.

Get the full details on all the new benefits on our new Benefits Website.

Our goal is to make CMC-Canada membership indispensable to management consulting practice by offering a world-class designation, professional development and high-value tools and services. We will continue adding member benefit partners to reinforce this goal. We look forward to delivering on this promise!

Jason Blow is CMC-Canada's Director, Membership & Business Development