Ontario Initiatives

Promoting the Profession on Behalf of our Members.

It is our goal to expand awareness of the CMC brand within the private sector, the federal, provincial and municipal governments to secure recognition of Management Consulting and the CMC designation in procurement policy and practices.  We are advocating procurement best-practices and professional ethics that align with the CMC Designation and the vetted and experienced consultants that make this distinction.

To that end, our high-level strategic objectives include:

  • Establishment of a CMC-Ontario Procurement Advocacy Committee (PAC) to coordinate the CMC-Ontario activities and communications.
  • Expand the CMC awareness and influence within the Federal government to secure documented recognition and incorporation of the CMC designation in procurement streams as a rated criterion, including incorporation within Federal procurement opportunities.
  • Communicate with CMC-Ontario members the Procurement Advocacy Committee’s activities to show CMC-Ontario and CMC-Canada is advocating and providing additional value for its members.
  • Using these experiences and case studies to develop a blueprint that can be shared with other governments (Provincial, Territorial, Municipal) and institutes throughout Canada.