CMC-Canada Podcast

CMC-Canada is proud to introduce its new podcast - Your Expert Advantage: A Higher Level of Management Consulting!

This podcast will provide consultants, business leaders, and up and coming consultants with great insight on the profession, elite thought leadership, impactful case studies, and everyday experiences. Listeners will be left with high-level learnings to implement in their day-to-day practice. 
In a conversational format, we will engage in real-life stories with Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) coast-to-coast, who will share their experiences, breakthrough moments and lessons learned while demonstrating the value of their CMC designation and how the profession’s only international certification, recognized in 40+ countries, has helped them navigate and succeed in this profession.

And did you know you can earn CPD Points for listening to CMC-Canada's Your Expert Advantage podcast? Listen to some great content, and earn your points today! 

Check out the latest podcast episodes below!

Episode 11 – Consulting Success: Strategies for Building a Thriving Management Consulting Business

In this episode, co-hosts Ashka Wirk, CMC and James Grieve, CMC sit down with Michael Zipursky, CEO and Co-Founder, Consulting Success®, to discuss how to build exceptional consulting practices. 

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Episode 10: Workplace Culture and Business Strategy: How Management Consultants Can Help Executives Make the Connection

In this episode, Co-hosts Ashka Wirk, CMC, and James Grieve, CMC sit down with Kate Fagan Taylor, CMC to discuss how to build exceptional company cultures that can support and propel your business strategies.

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Episode 9: Building Bridges: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Consulting Perspectives on Truth and Reconciliation

In this episode, James Grieve, CMC and Flavio Caron discuss what management consultants – and everyone – should know about Truth and Reconciliation.

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Episode 8: Resiliency and Renewal in Consulting

In this episode, James Grieve, CMC and Ashka Wirk, CMC talk with three consulting award winners about their stories of resilience and renewal.

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Episode 7: The State of the Management Consulting Industry in Canada

In this episode, James Grieve, CMC and Ashka Wirk, CMC talk with Nik Nanos, CMC about CMC-Canada's latest study of the management consulting industry in Canada.

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Episode 6: Principles of Coaching and How They Can Enhance Consulting Engagements

In this episode, host James Grieve CMC talks with coach and consultant Ashka Wirk, BSc, MBA, CMC, ACC. Ashka introduces the concept of coaching, what it is, how it differs from consulting, and how she uses coaching and consulting to serve her clients.

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Episode 5: How to Create an Effective Change Management Experience for Clients

James Grieve, CMC and Louise Harris, PhD, CMC, CCMP discuss the valuable role consultants play in helping their clients create and execute great change management initiatives.

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Episode 4: The Keys to a Successful Management Consulting Career

Today, host James Grieve, CMC is joined by Keleigh Cormier, FCMC and Pierre Cormier CMC. They discuss their fascinating career arcs in management consulting, and what inspired them to get started in the profession.  

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Episode 3: Customer Experience Best Practices for Management Consultants 

James Grieve, CMC and Tim Kist FCMC discuss the challenge of creating a great customer experience. 

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Episode 2: Why Leaders Need to Adopt a Readiness Mindset™ with Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

Host James Grieve, CMC and Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, CMC discuss the importance of a readiness mindset in leading change initiatives.

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Episode 1: Exploring the 6 Key Components of a Sound Business Strategy 

In our inaugural podcast, host James Grieve, CMC and Connie Siu, CMC discuss her journey in consulting and goes into detail on the key components of a sound business strategy, and how to develop that strategy to help ensure long-term success.  

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