CMC-Ontario is pleased to announce the fall intake of our Pro Bono Program. CMCs will use their skills and experience to give back to our local communities by assisting registered charities in  meeting their goals with management consulting services. CMCs are asked to submit their interest by completing a short volunteer form.  Questions can be directed to probono@cmc-ontario.ca.

Top Reasons CMCs take part in the CMC Pro Bono Program. 

Reason #1 - Community
The Pro Bono Program helps provide benefits to the community that might otherwise not be available. 

CMC skills are valuable and in need. The need for pro bono services has increased due to the COVID pandemic, says Lynn Burns, Executive Director of Pro Bono Ontario, the province’s centralized service bureau for pro bono legal services.  

“An organization’s people can only speak with 113 of the 250 to 300 calls it receives daily.” (Canadian Lawyer, July 30, 2021). While the legal profession’s demands may differ from those of management consultants, the needs of many organizations serving people in crisis have also increased. The need for specialized pro bono consulting services is clear. 

Reason #2 - Impact 
When CMCs use their professional skills, they make more of an impact than just donating or volunteering.

We define volunteering as giving time, while pro bono work involves utilizing professional skills.  Certified Management Consultants bring influence and specialized skills of a CMC.

Case in point: Consider the difference when two people volunteer for a wonderful not-for-profit that builds housing for low-income families. The first volunteer is a DIYer who is assigned unskilled tasks. The second is an electrician who wires up the house. Both are much appreciated, but utilizing high-value skills is incredibly impactful.

Reasons #3 – Skills Development
CMCs gain more experience, develop new skills, and learn new insights. 

CMC's expand their skills and experience by learning about a new industry, working on an interesting project, or interacting with a different type of client. 

You have the chance to work with a co-worker on a volunteer project and earn experience as the point person. Opportunities for professional growth exist, particularly for young CMCs just beginning their careers. CMCs in mid-career might take part by mentoring the management team. There are so many wonderful ways to get involved.  

Reason #4 - Networking
CMCs enhance their reputation by giving back.

Whatever the pro bono project, CMCs will meet and network with people in the not-for-profit sector, gain insight into how they work, and interact with the local business people who are involved in the community.

Reason 5Reason #5 Earn CPD points.
CMCs will earn one Continuing Professional Development point per hour of pro bono work, up to a maximum of 10 hours. That’s 28.5% of the required annual minimum of 35 points. 

No time-tracking reports are required. CMCs are asked to simply keep track of their time. When participants in the Pro Bono Program fill out their CPD submission next year, they can enter these points under “involvement with the community and other organizations”. 

The Pro Bono Program is an initiative of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario to promote thought leadership that benefits and strengthens the management consulting industry and the expertise of CMCs that provide charitable organizations with no-charge consulting services.

 CMCs are asked to submit their interest by completing a short volunteer form

Questions can be directed to probono@cmc-ontario.ca.

* Please note this program is currently only open to CMC-Canada members.