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CATALYST 2022 Continues

Open until June 30, 2022

During CATALYST 2022 we had 3 amazing days of engagement, content, and fun. The conference committee hopes you enjoyed the sessions, music, and community engagement as much as we did.

The CATALYST 2022 Event Platform is open to registered attendees until June 30th 2022

Attendees are able to continue to connect with people they met or those they couldn't connect with during the event through the in-app messages, e-business card requests, and schedule meet-ups. You can even meet in the lounge area to chat via camera on-line.

What our Attendees Said about CATALYST 2022

Here are some snapshots of what our attendees had to say about CATALYST 2022 and its impacts.

"Fantastic! What a great 3 days - really well put together, loved all the sessions, Definitely want to do this again!"

"The conference was fantastic and informative ! Definitely educational, engaging and entertaining! I liked the ability to network with others face to face"

"Great conference, it was very engaging and eye-opening.  These were some of the best speakers I have seen in years.”

"Great conference! Lounge rooms had camera option, good to see real people. Thank you so much for a great roster of topics & speakers. Really wish I had blocked more time to attend"

CATALYST 2022 will assist Management Consultants in designing strategies that help tackle challenges and create a sustainable future in a world that is evolving rapidly. By anticipating and preparing for future challenges, consultants can seize new opportunities and prosper.

We can all imagine a future where work is different in how, when, and where we do it.  However, as a result of momentous changes, Management Consultants will need to navigate and guide clients through significant uncertainties about key issues. Including; automation, connectivity, and demographic, social, and environmental shifts. 

CATALYST 2022 Keynote Speaker
Amber Mac, Innovation Speaker | Author | Podcaster

Join Amber Mac at CATALYST 2022 for her presentation "4 Trends Shaping the Future of Consulting". In this dynamic presentation, she will take audiences on a visual journey to demonstrate how our world is changing in 2022 and why these trends are accelerating our fast future. The four areas of focus include communication, automation, wellness, and work. Whether it's running a purpose-led business, practicing digital discipline, focusing on health in a remote world, or building new skills to succeed, Amber's presentation will help to frame the future as we kick-off the CMC CATALYST event.

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