CMC-AB Membership

We are very excited to welcome you to your association

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of CMC-Canada.

To become a member of CMC-Canada, Alberta residents must first apply to, and be accepted as, a Registered Consultant with the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta (ICMCA – also known as CMC-Alberta). Once accepted, the professional dues paid to ICMCA will include dues for your membership in CMC-Canada.

The criteria to become a Registered Consultant with ICMCA are set out in regulations by the Alberta Government. They are reasonable, and we will work with you to pull together the evidence documentation to meet these pre-requisites. Once you have the documentation assembled and uploaded, our Registrar will review your application.

Please have the following available prior to submitting your application:

Resume and copy of proof of education (unofficial academic record/transcript/copy of degree/ECA) Note: Official Transcripts will be required prior to obtaining your CMC designation.

The application will request Management Consulting Hours. 


You will need to indicate that you have engaged in some form of management consulting experience for a minimum of 600 hours during the last 24 months.  This can include internal consulting within an organization, consulting to clients, pro-bono consulting, or a combination of all. 

Disciplines of Management Consulting include: Technology & Software systems, Engineering, Environmental, Governance, Finance, Strategy, Human Resources, Data Measurement & Analytics, Quality/Six Sigma/Business Processes, Social Media, Marketing, Branding & Communications & more.

New Consultants and Students: For those who are new to the consulting profession or are a student, we will recognize a combination of internal consulting (working for a company), course work, consulting club involvement, assignment work, and/or pro-bono consulting work organized through the post-secondary institution as applicable towards the 600 hours requirement. 

CMC-Alberta encourages new consultants, and both undergraduate and graduate students in Alberta post secondary institutions to join and become engaged in CMC-Alberta activities.

Your submission will then be sent to CMC-Alberta for review and you will receive a notification as quickly as possible.

Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you as a member! (Click below to register)

Questions, please contact us:

CMC-AB Associate membership

Associate membership is for those with an active interest in management consulting
and who agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

$275 per year
(pro-rated based on calendar year)
(Note: Joining during Sept-Dec will provide membership
for remainder of that year as well as the next year)

CMC-AB student membership

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