File a Complaint

Complaints must be sent to the Institute where the consultant resides. Please click on the Institute link below to provide your name and contact information, and the Institute will contact you for details on your complaint. For CMC-Ontario, please follow the instructions below.

A form is supplied by the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario (ICMCO, or CMC-Ontario) to individuals, groups or organizations who want to submit a complaint regarding the professional conduct of an ICMCO member.

To start the complaints process,
each Complainant must complete this form and submit it to:

CMC-Ontario Registrar
2 St. Clair Avenue West, 18th Floor
Toronto, ON. M4V 1L5

Pursuant to ICMCO's (CMC-Ontario's) Complaints Procedures, the Complainant(s) and anyone against whom charges are filed must treat this form and all information submitted to the Registrar, Investigator, and Discipline Committee as confidential.

No action will be taken until an original signed copy is received by mail or courier at the address above. All additional relevant information in support of the complaint must also be sent by mail or courier; fax or email is not accepted. A complaint is forwarded to the Discipline Committee when:

1. The completed Complaint Form is received by mail or courier.

2. All information in support of the complaint is received by mail or courier.

3. Any additional information/documentation requested by the Registrar, Investigator or Discipline Committee is received.

Confirmation of receipt of the complaint will be sent by CMC-Canada staff to the Complainant. Incomplete complaints will not be reviewed by the Registrar. Anonymous or frivolous complaints are not permitted and will not be reviewed.

Complainants should review CMC-Canada's Code of Professional Conduct both before and during the preparation of a complaint in order to understand the organization's ethical standards.

This Complaints Process should not be used to report problems or concerns with ICMCO volunteers or CMC-Canada staff. Those concerns, plus questions about organizational or policy matters should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer. Complainants are responsible for all costs associated with filing a complaint and all personal costs related to their involvement in the Professional Conduct Complaint process.