Why Hire a CMC?

With an objective viewpoint and a specialized set of skills, Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) are uniquely equipped to recognize and resolve your operational challenges. They deliver reliable, top-notch services to clients, ensuring maximum return on investment, all while upholding ethical principles and practices.

Benefits of Working With a CMC

Holistic Approach

CMCs approach each situation with an open mind and a structured diagnostic process, which considers all aspects of the business or project: strategy, marketing and sales, product development and engineering, operations and order fulfillment, staff development and management, and finance and administration.

Unwavering Ethical Commitment

Adhering to the Uniform Code of Professional Conduct, CMCs are the standard-bearers of integrity in consulting. Their commitment extends beyond the profession to include public responsibility, respect for fellow members, and a pledge to provide clients with reliable and superior services. 

Objective, Outside Perspective

CMCs see your organization from a unique vantage point. They can look past your top-of-mind problems, identify the underlying causes and help management understand solutions. They can also assess and account for the capabilities and limitations of the team members involved when building action plans and processes.

What is a CMC Designation?

The CMC is the world’s only internationally recognized credential for management consultants. You can trust that a consultant with a CMC has extensive experience, education, and skills-based training. They have also signed an agreement to abide by our Uniform Code of Professional Conduct.

CMCs provide professional services that complement your team’s skills so they can continue to concentrate on their core competencies as you resolve issues and refine your business practices. In entrusting a CMC, clients are guaranteed not just a return on investment, but a partnership founded on the highest ethical principles and practices. 

Work Speaks Louder Than Words

Across every industry, province and project, CMCs do great work. Learn how they can leverage their work for your benefit.

Management Advisory Services (MAS)

Funded by NRC-IRAP, the MAS Program offers eligible small and medium-sized tech businesses 40-60 hours of business management advice and support from CMCs.


Award Winning, Internationally Recognized Projects

The Constantinus International Award program showcases successful projects, led by CMCs, worldwide.


Vast Network of Connections

Not only do CMCs have in-depth knowledge of business management—they also have access to a large national network of other CMCs they can tap when you need extra support or specialized expertise.


Find a CMC Today

The CMC-Canada Member Directory allows you to search for a CMC by location, industry, services, languages, and more. Start on the path to stronger and smoother business operations today.