Empowering Growth: Navigating Business Challenges with the Management Advisory Service (MAS) Program


By: Donna Ringrose

The last three years have been difficult for businesses. That is especially true for start-ups and small businesses that want to scale up their operations. Financing has tightened and the cost of doing business continues to rise. For many entrepreneurs, there is a nagging sense that they are on their own when trying to navigate this landscape. What many do not know is that there is a federal program that is geared toward helping new businesses firm up their foundations and execute plans for growth.

The Management Advisory Service (MAS) provides eligible small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 40 hours of business management advice from Certified Management Consultants (CMCs). These consultants give creative, thoughtful advice to entrepreneurs that allows them to spend more time on product development and building client relationships. The CMCs that support this program help the companies they work with by defining management issues and establishing action plans for future business growth and profitability. In a recent survey, over 95% of program participants rated the usefulness of the advice they received from the program-supported CMC as good, very good or excellent.

Eligible businesses must be incorporated, profit-oriented businesses with 500 or fewer full-time equivalent employees. Applicants can come from businesses in the technology, professional services, environmental, health or social program sectors.

A common refrain from business owners is that they spend so much time working on their projects and their clients that they do not have enough time to work on their business. The MAS pays special attention to ensuring businesses have an outside perspective that helps them prioritize planning and identify opportunities for growth. CMCs supporting MAS clients will help your business with strategy and business planning, managing growth, improving sustainability, securing financing, and amplifying your marketing efforts.

It comes as no surprise that in 2022, 100% of survey respondents said that they would recommend the MAS to other small businesses. 

Interested businesses in Canada that wish to participate in the MAS should contact the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program at (877) 994-4727. To find out more about the program, please visit: https://www.cmc-canada.ca/mas-program


Donna Ringrose
Executive Director, CMC-Canada