CMC-Alberta Calgary Event Plan for 2016

Several of us ICMCA members were recently discussing what we found really valuable about our membership. We all agreed that we enjoy associating with other members of our association! In light of that, the schedule for upcoming Calgary events will be focused on ensuring we have a regular and predictable schedule for getting together.

Here are the guiding principles for the 2016 Calgary Event plan:

  • High quality events scheduled well in advance with a predefined format & agenda
  • Alternating months from our Edmonton Chapter so that our membership has the option to attend either or both chapter events without conflict
  • Dinner events that allow time for networking with each other so we can better know each others skills, expertise and even what we do for fun
  • Events will be held at the Calgary Ranchmen's Club, doors open at 5PM
  • Speakers that bring us informative and interesting content that can contribute to our consulting practice

Please be sure to put these dates in your calendar. Calgary events will fall on the 3rd Tuesday of even numbered months. Once details are confirmed, the event signup pages will be posted. Be sure to come out and have a productive and enjoyable evening with us!

All events start at 5PM at the Calgary Ranchmen's Club:

  • Tuesday February 16th
  • Tuesday April 19th
  • Tuesday June 21st
  • Tuesday October 18th
  • Tuesday December 6th

In addition to the Calgary in-person events, we are working to create a online program that our membership can access from wherever they are, as long as we have access to the Internet. Stay tuned for more on that later.