CMC-Alberta Update: March 2016

CMC Alberta Update
March 2016

Hello fellow CMC Members,

The CMC Alberta Board would like to share with everyone the priorities we are working on for this year (2016). 


At the CMC conference in November, National Chair Richard Harris said that we need to make CMC bigger and louder.  These are the two top priorities for the National Board and I believe represent the same priorities of CMC Alberta’s Growth and Profile committees.  We will also continue our focus on Member Services and networking opportunities.


The growth area involves recruitment and sales activities to build our numbers.  As an association we have very little attrition but we still need to recruit new members to maintain and build our numbers.  The more members we have, the more power and influence we have as a group.  CMC Alberta has formed the Growth Committee to actively attract and support potential members.  You, as a CMC member, can support the Growth Committee by recommending our organization to others, bringing non-members to events, and promoting the CMC designation in general.


CMC Alberta has also formed the Profile Committee.  This group will generate and carry out ideas on raising our profile and developing a voice that supports the management consulting community.  We believe that CMC can be the voice to express opinions and recommended practices in the field of management.  Raising our profile benefits all members through increased recognition of the management consulting, the CMC designation, and our role within the management community.  While the Profile Committee will be generating material and campaigns, you can help by contributing your own writing, blogging, and highlighting the CMC brand in all of your work.

Member Services:

We will continue to support our membership through our Member Services Committee.  This group coordinates member-focused activities such as events and training.  CMC Networking events in Edmonton and Calgary are growing and provide an excellent opportunity to discuss management topics and economic trends.  Events are already planned for almost every month of 2016 alternating between the two cities.  We urge all members to attend these events to meet others in the community (and earn some PDUs).  There are some great topics being presented and the networking opportunities are excellent.

Thank you and we look forward to working with all of you in the coming year.

Greg McIntyre, CMC
President, ICMCA