Complying with Compliance: NEW ISO 19600:2014 Standard

As Professional Consultants, CMCs come across many organizations that are looking to ensure that their compliance requirements are properly addressed.  Having the right tools and framework can make the diagnostic, implementation and monitoring tasks much easier and also reduce the risk of missing important concepts along the way.

Just recently published in Dec.2014, CMCs are encouraged to become familiar with the new Standard: "ISO 19600:2014 - Compliance Management Systems - Guidelines", which may be a great Framework to incorporate into your CMC Toolset.

 A concrete deliverable for your clients also includes the option to formally acquire the CERTIFICATE relating to the ISO19600 Standard with regards to a particular scope of their business.  In other words, clients can formally communicate they have the management systems in place to ensure that compliance-related matters are addressed in a manner consistent with the new compliance ISO Guidelines, which could be a business advantage when dealing with their own customers, clients or investors.  

Imagine having the relative certainty that organizations implement the management systems that allow to appropriately address compliance issues in today's complex business environment.


Carlos Lameiro CMC
Director and Senior Consultant
BIAPRO Information Solutions Inc.
Toronto ON
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