Easy Ways to Help Promote the CMC Designation

What can a member do to help spread the word about the CMC Designation? You might think that your role as a member ends with paying your dues, but it would be more meaningful if you could be an ambassador for the designation. There are many things a member can do to enhance the value of being part of our community. For example:


  • Promote the intangible benefits of ethical conduct in management consulting by sharing the Uniform Code of Conduct with prospective member and colleagues. Help create a positive perception of the profession (as opposed to derogatory depictions of consultants), thereby generating a good feeling of belonging among members and pride in CMC-Canada’s ‘at the table’ work.
  • Invite interested colleagues to a local Institute or Chapter event. Introduce them to a Council member.
  • Wear your designation pin and showcase your CMC or FCMC designation wherever possible (on LinkedIn, for example).


  • Pass along interesting communications from the Institute or CMC-Canada to colleagues.
  • Say hello to new members online (you’ll see a ribbon identifying them as such).
  • Take advantage of your presence at other association events – either as a speaker or attendee -- to raise awareness of the CMC designation.
  • Raise your hand and volunteer to serve as an oral assessor, member sponsor, and/or mentor – it is a great opportunity to give back.
  • Contribute to our Social Media channels and/or mention the designation on your own channels.
  • Offer feedback to your local Chapter or Institute.

Participate Online

  • Get involved in our online community, CMCConnect -- start a discussion, share a document, and/or create a blog and write about your experiences as a consultant.
  • Contribute to our online Common Body of Knowledge.
  • Update your member profile and be sure to upload a picture!
  • Use materials from our Member Promo Kit to promote your accomplishments to clients.

All the suggestions above will help build your relationships with other members and expand your professional circle. By being more engaged you will more fully realize the benefits of being associated with this intellectually stimulating and dynamic community. By spreading the word about the CMC designation you will help increase its value for all members.