Our new online community - CMCConnect

While you consider the features and potential of our new website, I thought it appropriate to examine the question why? Why did we move to an online community architecture?

Although many of us like to work quietly and closely with those in positions that influence decisions, we also belong to a unique and dynamic community – a community that sometimes appears fragmented. When we envisioned a different kind of website we found a plethora of social media platforms, and selected CMCConnect as it offered what members were asking for. Members told us: "engage us, allow us to connect with each other, just like many of us do everyday on our favourite social platforms. Let us crowdsource new ideas and practices."

You have an opportunity to take this new platform and make it yours:

  • Position yourself as a thought leader -- upload videos, webinars, presentations, papers.
  • Share your expertise with other members by replying to discussions and commenting on shared files.
  • Build a strong profile, synching with other social platforms such as LinkedIn (good for personal branding).
  • Organize your various affiliations and filter your interests to mange the clutter.

Now that it is here, my challenge to you is, what do you want to make it? By embracing this opportunity, we can start a new and exciting chapter in our history – engaging with colleagues, strengthening our professional development, integrating our knowledge, and enriching the experiences of CMCs by ‘paying your gifts and talents forward.'