What's the big deal with BIG Data?

Firstly, the existence "big data" is not new, even though it is definitely one of the biggest new buzz words in the last 4 years.  

Big Data has been around since we tried to have a good weather forecast, we attempted to measure true inflation, or have policy makers understand how lending rates will affect GDP growth.  

As CMCs we need to understand this new information-age vocabulary, whether it's to develop a new service line in your practice or to be "in the know" during a wine & cheese chat.

Rather than writing a long post here, I will provide the links to several free sources that will definitely help to increase the reader's knowledge in this area, and we can then talk about ideas, questions or impressions.


Big Data Opportunities and Challenges: Discussions from Data Analytics Perspectives



Analyzing the Analyzers: An Introspective Survey of Data Scientists and their Work.



A few more free resources. I haven't read these yet, but I'll be back to post my views and opinions.

(All of these free books are from O'Reilly, so they are only one of the many sources available on the net)

How Big Data is Elevating the Role of the CIO and Transforming the IT Department

Big Data Now: Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Radar

Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything

P.S. Bear in mind that some of these books, though published very recently may already be "old", and may be missing many new advances in the Deep Learning Field. In the last 2-3 years many advancements have been made with respect to Neural Networks and their use in Deep Learning, aka. Machine Learning, Data Mining, etc.
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