Target, Decide, Act – How to Change-the-Game and Lead in Disruptive / Do-or-Die Situations

By Bernie Uhlich posted 03-23-2018 16:26


Do you ever have a client or situation with an insurmountable problem they haven't been able to crack and are now in deep trouble. They need to do something "game-changing" now to be able to recover and move forward. Where do you start and what actions can you take?

Organization leaders turn to you and drop the gauntlet: "We've had lots of smart & senior people on this for a while, we've tried project management, change management, lean and other techniques. But we just can't get the necessary traction and we've run out of time. Can you help us out of this mess and fast!?"

It is a compelling and challenging call-to-action that I've come across many times from desperate clients, executives, and other seasoned practitioners, consultants, software vendor implementation leaders, and project managers.  

What is missing in our solution tool-kit?  

A key missing element is: "Change Leadership".  Leadership is about: 

  • Target – creating the singular focus to mobilize
  • Decide – targeting and breaking through the obstacles and barriers
  • Act – transforming the culture and behaviours needed to enable action and overcome inertia

As part of CMC-Ontario's professional development webinar series for our members and partners, CMC-Canada, in conjunction with Mike Mortson the head of is hosting an interactive webinar to help you build your skills in creating and implementing a game-changing results that can be applied to any industry or problem.

Our goal is to help you expand your practical knowledge, which will help increase your differentiating value to clients to help them successfully deliver breakthrough outcomes. 

The webinar will be held at Noon-1pm EDT on Wednesday, March 28. Check out the video below for a preview or use the link to register today! 

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