CMC Candidate

CMC Candidate Title: Demonstrating Progress towards CMC Designation

The CMC Candidate title is a significant milestone on your path towards the respected Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. This special interim title marks your progress towards the full CMC designation.

The CMC Candidate title, now available to CMC-Atlantic and CMC-BC members, distinguishes you as an exceptional individual in the competitive management consulting field, showcasing your commitment to professional development and delivering outstanding results. Featuring the CMC Candidate title on your profile serves as a powerful endorsement of your dedication to consulting excellence, recognized by consulting firms and talent acquisition teams, and showcases your values and professionalism. 

How to obtain the CMC Candidate title
Obtaining the CMC Candidate title is a straightforward process. If you're a consultant in British Columbia and Atlantic provinces, all you need to do is become a member, and undergo the official onboarding process conducted by CMC-BC and CMC-Atlantic. 

How to use the CMC Candidate Title
Once you have earned the 'CMC Candidate' title, proudly display it in your email signature, LinkedIn profile, and other professional platforms. By showcasing this distinction, you demonstrate your commitment to professional growth and raise awareness of your remarkable journey within the consulting community. Let the 'CMC Candidate' title become a symbol of your dedication to excellence and set yourself apart as you progress towards the full CMC designation.


Here are some of the most common questions we get from consultants about the CMC Candidate Title

What is CMC Candidate, and what does it mean?

CMC Candidate is a designation offered by CMC-BC and CMC-Atlantic Certifying Institutes, signifying that an individual is in the process of pursuing the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. It demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence and ethical integrity in the field of management consulting. This internationally recognized designation symbolizes a dedication to upholding the highest standards of excellence in consulting.

How can I use my CMC Candidate title?

You can proudly display your CMC-Candidate designation on your professional materials, such as business cards, email signatures, LinkedIn profiles, and resumes (e.g. Jack Smith, CMC Candidate). It serves as a visible indicator of your commitment to ongoing professional development and can enhance your credibility within the consulting industry. 

Important Usage Guidelines:
While using the CMC Candidate title, please be mindful of the following restrictions:

  • Do Not Use Logos or Graphics: The use of CMC-Canada logos, graphics, or signature footers is strictly prohibited. These elements are reserved for CMC certified members and official organizational use.
  • Maintain Professional Standards: Always ensure that your use of the CMC Candidate title adheres to professional standards and accurately represents your status within the program.

Adherence to these guidelines ensures that you represent your affiliation with CMC-Canada accurately and professionally.

What should I say if someone asks about my CMC Candidate title?

When explaining the CMC Candidate Title, you can say, "CMC-Candidate is a designation I'm pursuing through my Certifying Institute. It represents my commitment to becoming a Certified Management Consultant, demonstrating my dedication to the highest standards of ethical integrity and excellence in management consulting. It is an internationally recognized designation." 

In terms of how to get it/what to say if colleagues are interested:

If someone asks how to get the CMC Candidate title or if colleagues are interested, you can say, "To become a CMC Candidate, you need to apply through CMC-Canada if you are a consultant in British Columbia or Atlantic provinces. It's a great step for anyone serious about advancing their consulting career. I can connect you with the resources and information you need if you're interested in pursuing it." 

What are the benefits of having the CMC Candidate title?

The benefits of holding the CMC Candidate title include: 

  • Professional Recognition: It signifies your commitment to excellence in management consulting. 
  • Credibility: It enhances your professional reputation and credibility among clients and peers. 
  • Networking: It connects you with a community of like-minded professionals in the consulting field. 
  • Access to Resources: It grants you access to valuable resources and support from CMC-Canada to help you on your path to becoming a Certified Management Consultant. 

Learn more here.

How can I apply for CMC Candidate status, and what are the requirements?

If you are a CMC-BC or CMC-Atlantic member, you are eligible for the CMC Candidate title once you are streamed. To be streamed, please submit your resume to

If you are not yet a member, sign up for membership today.

How long can I use my CMC Candidate title?

You can use CMC Candidate title as you work through the certification process, which is typically up to three years but often much shorter.

In order to use the CMC Candidate title, you must be actively pursuing the CMC designation and ensure you are checking off your required steps in a timely manner. For more details on becoming a CMC, click here.