CMC-Canada Podcast

Episode 2: Why Leaders Need to Adopt a Readiness Mindset™ with Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

Host James Grieve, CMC and Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, CMC discuss the importance of a readiness mindset in leading change initiatives.

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Key Takeaways:

Here are some of the key takeaways from Episode 2:

  • A fascinating career arc in management consulting and organizational change leadership
  • The importance of understanding change on an individual level.
  • Key characteristics of healthy organizational change
  • How companies often approach change initiatives vs. how they should approach them to create sustainable, healthy change
  • Defining a resistant mindset vs. a readiness mindset
  • How employees typically respond to change in the workplace; and how it is often misinterpreted by leaders as ‘resistant’
  • How to adopt a readiness mindset, regardless of type / size of organization
    Common challenges / barriers faced by leaders in change initiatives
  • Why you should remove ‘resistance to change’ from your vocabulary
  • How a readiness mindset is a helpful tool for consulting leaders
  • The positive organizational impact of a fully-adopted readiness mindset.

Host: James Grieve, CMC

Guest: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, CMC

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