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What does Calvin Klein's “upskirt” ad have in common with Trump's campaign for president?

The Calvin Klein ad in question features an "upskirt" shot of model Klara Kristin, alongside the tagline: "I flash in #mycalvins." The ad is part of a larger campaign ( see the rest of the campaign here ), but this is one of the renditions that has drawn a fierce reaction in traditional and...

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Analysis Paralysis: Change Management Case Study

How to implement change in an organization that knows it must change, but seems to be paralyzed, and everyone knows that, too? It’s not unusual to come across an organization where those closer to the customers know there is unrest that needs to be addressed. In this case study we find that...

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Lean: the People Process

“Implementing Lean concepts and principles is not a technological issue. It is primarily a management and human resource issue.” Kenneth E. Kirby, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Tennessee Since 1996 I have worked with thousands of...