CMC-Canada's Letter to the Editor, The Globe and Mail – April 18, 2023

By: CMC-Canada

In a new Letter to the Editor published in The Globe and Mail, Donna Ringrose, Executive Director of Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada), addresses the important role management consultants play in the Public Sector and the proposed cuts to consulting in the 2023 Federal Budget.

We've included the text below for your convenience, or you can read the letter on The Globe and Mail's website (account required – second story from the top).


Letter to the Editor: 'In Consultation'

Re: “Ottawa didn’t disclose $146-million CEBA contract with Accenture” (April 6): It is important that taxpayers have transparency, and critical that government does not overpay for services. At the same time, we find that opposition politicians are using management consultants and international firms as scapegoats to attack government, without understanding the value of the support consultants regularly add.

The role of the public service is to serve the public. When that requires outside assistance, government should be encouraged to use management consultants. Transparent frameworks and fiscal accountability are also critical.

Hiring experts to do what they do best shouldn’t be shameful. It’s unproductive to expect that slashing budgets for consultants would not lead to worse outcomes in project development and delivery.

The management consulting profession is much deeper than headlines suggest and should be treated as such. A second set of eyes on policy, along with experienced extra hands in program delivery, can improve the results governments achieve across Canada.

Donna Ringrose, Executive Director, CMC-Canada; Aylmer, Que.


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