Empowering Consultants: Discover the Impact of ISO 20700 with CMC-Canada

By: CMC-Canada

CMC-Canada is pleased to re-introduce the ISO 20700 Self-Declaration Checklist training program!

The ISO 20700 Checklist is an important tool to guide consultants and clients through the various steps of their projects – and it's a great complement to the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation.

This training has been customized to ensure any management consultant can participate, including CMCs, CMC-Canada members who haven't yet earned the designation, and those interested in a career in management consulting.

Here what some members are saying about the ISO 20700 Checklist Training:

"The ISO 20700 Checklist Training course provides confidence in the quality and completion of projects." - Wilson Ho, CMC - Ablegate Consulting Inc.

"I recently participated in the ISO 20700 Checklist Training course offered through CMC-Canada. This course was well designed and upon completion I could directly apply the material to my practice. Although I have been a CMC for over 10 years, I found the information relevant and was a good refresher. I recommend this course for all CMCs regardless of seniority." - Cara Wolf, CEO, Ammolite Analytx

"In my view, following a clear consulting process great increase the likelihood of a successful project. The ISO 20700 checklist guides conversations with the client to ensure thorough understand of the project and the roles of client and consultant. The online course provides clear and understandable information on the standard and how it should be applied. the case studies are very helpful, and it was useful to listen to the discussion of others in the recording to understand how others might interpret the classification of different types of assignments. I've read through the ISO 20700 documentation, but the course really helped me understand how to apply the guidelines and checklist." - Gregory Richards, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

"A nice overview of ISO 20700, and provides some useful information on one way to use it within a practice. The checklists are good, standard tools. Good discussion around the different interpretations of the checklist in different situations." - Jeff Griffiths, WorkForce Strategies International Inc.

I particularly enjoyed the conversations around the case of small business. Even when the training was pre-recorded, it provided me with the chance to be part of a group discussion and a thinking process, which was eye-opening to understand how other consultants, each with their own background and expertise, can solve the same problem in so many ways. Adhering to ISO 20700 approach to work, showcases a commitment to consistency and quality in the consultancy practice, so I recommend it to fellow consultant eager to elevate their consultancy game." - Dafne Orbach, 6P Marketing

This training will give you practical, hands-on experience in the use of the ISO 20700 standard, and the tools you will need to use with your clients. Click here to learn more and get started today!