Business without Borders: How Globalization Impacts Businesses

By: Maggie Chen

Working with an International Business Consultant can be is an effective approach to acquiring new worldwide business contacts, exchanging currencies and understanding international market behaviour in order to help business growth overseas.

International business consultant services often include:

  • Providing information and advice about international business development and marketing.
  • Researching international business and investment opportunities, competitors, and business practices; developing proposals and making recommendations.
  • Researching and providing advice on the effectiveness of management policies and programs in international settings.

Doing business internationally is a faster way to grow your business. There are several advantages, including:

New market opportunities
The new markets provide more opportunities for International business to expand, grow, and make income. International market brings more customers, increases revenue, expands a profit margin, and allows the business to realize economies of scale.

There are many possibilities to extend and grow your business in these countries. In 2013, as the world ‘s population is approximately 7 billion people and Canada, USA, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore’s total population equal to 1.7 billion, they represent a full 24.5% of the world’s population. One in five people reside in those countries. International business consultancies like ours will, for example, offer in-depth look at the cultural environment of the emerging global economy, which provide you with a chance to grow and extend your business to new opportunities.

Access to cheaper inputs
Operating internationally may enable your firm to better source raw materials or labour at lower prices. Comparing to domestic inputs high-quality international market inputs is relatively cheaper.

Quality and efficiency
Exposure to foreign competition will encourage increased efficiency. Doing business in the international market allows firms to improve the quality of their product in order to gain a competitive advantage.

As the firm diversifies its market, it becomes less vulnerable to changes in local demand. This reduces wild swings in a company's sales and profits.

Why do you need International Business Consulting?
Most businesses fail because of a weak general business plan, poor financial management, or an ineffective marketing plan. Only a small amount of new businesses survive for more than 5 years.

An international business consulting specialist can research trade legislation to countries where business activities occur, explore the markets first hand (including best practices for advertising and marketing), manage a company’s trade activities according to local and international trade regulations and legislation.

To avoid business failure it is so important to find a professional adviser to craft a plan that set realistic goals and benchmarks. An experienced international business consultant can help you develop a plan to keep away from setbacks, refunds, and unexpected costs that an inexperienced business owner would not foresee or know to plan for.


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