What's Up Wednesday Recap: Changes in Change Management

By: CMC-Canada

Thank you to all those who attended this month’s What’s up Wednesday session, Changes in Change Management. Our speakers Dr. Louise Harris and Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner offered great perspectives on new and emerging insights in the field of change management.

Didn't attend the session? You can download a copy of the presentation here, and view a session recording below this post. Also, here are some key takeaways from the session:

1. To be successful in any corporate project you need to incorporate change management planning, and consider the organizational structure, culture, as well as the individual.

2. Understanding how people interact and respond to change is essential for structural changes in the organization. Every structural change requires personal change.  Adopting and using a Readiness Mindset™ will prevent resistance to change.

3. Some structural change is also often required to fully enable personal change.

4. A proactive focus on creating readiness rather than managing resistance is more effective

5. Data driven information and related decision-making can bring about change in the organization that needs to be understood at both the project level and corporate level.

6. Leaders have to understand their biases to better adopt and implement real change.

7. Use outcome stories to provide a vision of the future state, and to engage staff and get personal commitment to the change.


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What's Up Wednesday: Changes in Change Management - Session Recording