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Episode 5: How to Create an Effective Change Management Experience for Clients

In this episode, host James Grieve CMC and Louise Harris, PhD, CMC, CCMP discuss the valuable role consultants play in helping their clients create and execute great change management initiatives.

Louise aims to equip consulting leaders with great tools & techniques to help them in their change management efforts. That includes how to use empathy and clarity to execute your change initiatives with much less effort and stress.

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Key Takeaways:

Here are some of the key takeaways from Episode 5:

  • The biggest challenges organizations and leaders face in implementing change initiatives.
  • The importance and ROI of involving all levels of the organization at an early stage of any change journey.
  • The value of knowing upfront what both the organization and individual employees will achieve by the planned change effort.

  • How the type of change being proposed will impact the action plan to execute on that change initiative.

  • Why some employees are resistant to change and how to overcome this challenge.

  • The importance of involving both internal and external stakeholders to better flesh out your change objectives – discover the hidden risks senior leaders may not be aware of.

  • The impact of employee trust (or distrust) on your change initiatives – and why rebuilding trust with your employees will save you time up front in your change efforts.

  • Helpful examples of effective approaches to change initiatives.

  • More information on Louise’s Change by Design Certification Program – a great learning opportunity for consulting leaders.

Host: James Grieve, CMC

Guests: Louise Harris, PhD, CMC, CCMP

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