Congratulations to all of our new CMCs!

The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is the profession's only international certification mark, recognized in over 40 countries. We’re pleased to present all of those CMCs who’ve been awarded the designation over the past year!

Timothy Kozmyk
Wesley Paterson
Mike Bennett
Ronald Bettin
Charity Callahan
Gord Chalk
Christy Ciezki
Paul Crawford
Clark Grue
Joshua Kuriakose
Kyle Martin
Michele Moroz
Myka Osinchuk
Richard Raap
James Richardson
Travis Robertson
Paul Robinson
Lee St. Arnaud
Kiersten Ermelbauer
Dana Antaya-Moore
Lynlee Parker
Sohail Thaker
Joyce Tustian

Tacey Pluta-Boychuk
Mike Tisdall

Raadhika Gopinath

Natasha Singh
Chris Legler
Erinn Mah
Mark Cosyn
Cheryl Thomas

Tracey Code

Dominique Dumont
Jeffrey Kilborn
Matt Ambrose
Robin Ivany
Brian McKay
Vince Cryne
Michael Lang
Angela Cheng
Olivier Choinière
Francois Bosse
Bill Ritchie
Jennifer Steele Viti
Frank Viti
Ayman Al Hawamdeh
Robyn Ackerman

In a profession with few objective benchmarks there is only one unquestioned credential: the CMC designation.

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