Getting the Fellows More Involved

Good morning all:

Many of the BC Fellows are retired or approaching retirement. They, and that includes me, are largely disconnected from the day to day activities of the Institute and its chapters. As such, it falls on the newer Fellows, most of whom are still very active both with the Institute and in professional practice, to breath new life into the Fellows as a body if there is a desire to do so. Perhaps there isn't and receiving the Fellows designation is where it ends, with the Fellows as a body being largely irrelevant. 

But, if there is a desire to do more, then we need to start generating some ideas on how that happens.  How do we recreate a sense of camaraderie as a group?  How do we start to contribute as a group to the Institute?

On that point, does anyone know how the Alberta and Ontario Fellows operate? Are they active and, if so, in what ways?